We're Almost There

As the end of the semester comes closer and closer, it’s easy to lose fuel. I know, I have.

There’s about 4 weeks left (maybe less) and I can’t find it anywhere in me to do what I have to do. These last few weeks, I have been exceptionally busy. See, I am a news anchor on my schools news station, which is the biggest blessing. By, no means do I do half as much as the other incredible people there, but I have been trying to. I still go everyday and I still anchor once a week. But, I have more responsibilities than just that. I have had some pretty intense health issues, so I need to be responsible and aware of my health. HerCampus, is another big one, but perhaps the biggest is right at home. My dad is a teacher and needs a lot of help. He’s working on a big project, that has a fast approaching deadline with little to no help - but me. So, what can I do but help him? I am sure you all have similar “job stressors” and “home stressers”. As I am sure a lot of you also have school. It’s a hard life when you sit down and think about it, huh?

As the weeks draw closer and closer to end, all these stressors seem to get the best of you more and more. I can’t tell you they’ll all go away one day, because they probably won’t. Sure maybe my dad’s project will pass and never come back, but something else will find it’s way to me. It’ll all never go away…as much as we hope and pray they do. But, all these hard working days will one day pay off. Every day, every homework assignment, every late night, is one night closer to that dream you’re working so hard for. So, I’m here to tell you that. You can do it. You can make it to the finish line. Today’s stress, today’s work, I promise one day it’ll be worth it.

I know what you’re thinking, “okay Mandy, sure it’s going to be worth it, sure it is.” Don’t believe me now, but thank me later. Trust me, I know it’s hard to believe, as much as I preach it, it’s still so hard for even me to listen to myself, but we’re all in this together. That brings me to my last point. You’re not the only one struggling on the home stretch. We are all right here with you (even those who pretend they have it all together). I think the biggest reassurance is knowing that you’re struggles aren’t only yours. When I’m in the library at 1am, it’s encouraging to see another person there. I usually give them a weak smile with an unknowing lift of my shoulders. I do it as a well to say, “well, at least I’m not the only one here.” I usually get the same reaction back.

Life will never not be full of stressors, life will never not be full of moments were we just think we can’t do it. Let’s stop trying to change it. Stop pretending that there is such a person or life that is perfection. Let’s instead, embrace it. Do things that make you happy so you don’t feel so stressed all the time. Take a breath every once in a while, go for a run, watch a movie or even sit outside on your porch. Use it as a chance to reflect on all your accomplishments so far not the failures. Learn to look at life as a rough and bumpy road, but with a vast horizon, where your goals and dreams are endless. So buckle up, fill up the gas tank (I know, I know, that was a little too cheesy) and keep on driving. We’re almost there.