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1.Glad He’s Gone by Tove Lo

Let us begin where we should. Breakups suck, and it can be hard to find the silver lining. Don’t worry, though. Tove Lo has your back. She will make you glad (s)he’s gone too!

2. walk away as the door slams by Lil Peep feat. Lil Tracy

If you have ever been sick of fighting with your ex, this posthumously released Peep song will satisfy your musical needs. The beginning of the song will remind you why you broke up in the first place. (Note: It is especially poignant for door slammers like myself).  

3. Rich Sex by Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne

Breakups can make us feel like we are ugly and unlovable, so sometimes you need to boss up and rap every word to a Nicki Minaj song perfectly. This is a great one for those grieving broke boys who could never afford to go out on dates!

4. Norman f*cking Rockwell by Lana Del Rey

Lana is my go to for every single situation and breakups are no exception. This song will take you out of your feelings in one verse–trust me. Give her a listen!

5. Living Single by Big Sean feat. Chance the Rapper and Jeremih

Okay, now you are allowed to be in your feelings. Living Single is interesting because it dissects the “player” mentality and shows that guys have feelings too, even if they are buried under sixteen bars of commitment issues. 

6. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

Classic, legendary, iconic, never to be topped. It’s not a breakup if you don’t blast this song in your car with a couple tears streaming down your face. 

7. All Girls Are The Same by Juice WRLD

Here’s one for the ladies who love ladies. Feel like you are trapped in a cycle? All Girls Are The Same is the song for you. The late Juice WRLD made some fantastic music to cry to, and this is no exception. You might want some tissues set aside and listen while you are deleting (not archiving, DELETING) her pictures from your Instagram.

8. We Lied To Each Other by Olivia O’Brien

Was the breakup mutual? Here’s a song to make you feel a little less alone. Sometimes both parties are at fault, and that can be the hardest thing to accept. You can move on knowing Olivia O’Brien has been there, too. She has a whole discography of great breakup tunes.

9. Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

Freshly broken up, your ex goes back to his old girl. A tried-and-true rebound, you see them on campus walking around. This song is the perfect accompaniment to your shock and anger at seeing him with the girl he promised he’d never get back with. Also, Amy Winehouse’s voice makes everything better. It’s just a fact. 

10. Marvins Room by Drake

You thought you were getting out of this without a Drake song? Think again. Here’s the ultimate call-your-ex-when-you-drank-a-little-too-much song. But in real life, don’t do that! Your voicemails might end up on Soundcloud if you aren’t careful with your wannabe rapper ex’s phone number after midnight. 

11. How To Hate by Lil Wayne feat. T-Pain

Are you filled with pure, unadulterated rage at your ex? Here is the perfect song for letting that out. Healthily, of course. It works better if you were in jail and got cheated on, but the sentiment is the same regardless.

12. Change by Lana Del Rey

Was the breakup entirely your fault? Did you cheat? No judgment here. Let this dystopian view of America’s future cradle you as you cry alone because, as Lana sings, you “don’t feel beautiful, or stable.” Nobody’s perfect, and maybe it’s enough for you to just be where you are now. 

13. Heart On Ice by Rod Wave

Certified classic, mark my words. Rod Wave has a gorgeous voice that will make you want to become cold and distant from all of your loved ones, for two minutes and forty seconds. Vulnerability is a necessity for relationships, but now that you are single you can put your heart on ice, and people will stop getting the best of you. 

14. Liability by Lorde

The culmination of every possible breakup emotion is in this song. It is a true work of art and if you get out of the entire song unscathed, please email me your therapist’s number. 

15. Grand Piano by Nicki Minaj

Let those tears flow, and then realize that Nicki Minaj does a lot more than just rap and actually has an amazing voice. You’re welcome. 


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