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Turning the Halls into Runways

Have you ever spent more money than necessary on something you absolutely adored, but could never build up the courage to actually wear it out so it just sits in your wardrobe looking good on the hanger? We have too. Have you watched any major fashion show, wishing you could actually wear something as exotic and not feel like a clown? Well, we have too. So, in spirit of fashion week, here are a few tips on how to incorporate styles from the runway into your everyday outfits.

  1. Jazz up your bottoms. Never underestimate the power of accessorizing your legs. If you like wearing pants, maybe try something with a fun pattern or large tears. Something that will catch attention even if you wear a plain shirt. If you’re more of a skirt/dress person, do not be afraid to go wild with stripes, shapes, or patterns. If you do it right, you have the adorable Jessica Day look down perfectly. And if you are somewhere in between liking pants and skirts, tights are an incredible choice to jazz up any outfit. Whether you pair them with short shorts or a skirt, colorful tights and leggings are sure to get you double glances without attracting the wrong attention.

  2. Hairpieces are not out of style. Whether it’s a baseball hat, a crazy headband, or Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s hat, headpieces are sure to make a statement anywhere you go. Wearing accessories on your head is not only super fashionable, but extremely practical. It can keep your hair out of your face, the sun out of your eyes, and if you did not shower last night, nobody would be able to tell! Like was stated earlier, hairpieces are a fantastic go to–especially if you woke up late.

  3. Shoes, shoes, shoes. They are the perfect way to subtly but powerfully demand attention. On runways, shoes are often the first thing the audience sees. They finish the lines that your legs make when you enter a room or simply walk to class. They determine your form when you walk. (So do not pick out statement shoes that you are just going to stumble around in). Also, make sure that if you are going to wear statement shoes, keep the rest of your outfit simple to not distract from the main focus.

   4. BE CONFIDENT. It does not matter what your outfit looks like if you don’t own it. Wearing any kind of statement piece can be a bit intimidating, but just remember that if you love it, chances are, other    people     will too! Wearing something that you love, even if it is a bit outrageous, can dramatically boost your self esteem. So don’t be afraid to flaunt what you love, girls!



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