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Trump Is At An All Time Low

Donald Trump, now President Donald Trump, has been a controversial figure in the United States since he started his presidential campaign in June of 2015. Now as president, Trump has enforced a travel ban in seven predominantly Muslim countries, has begun deportations of illegal immigrants who have lived in the country for decades, and of course, continues to tweet. As a result of all the commotion, one can presume, Trump’s most recent approval rating has hit a historic all-time low.

A recent Gallup poll released last week, shows that Trump’s new approval rating is at 40%; that’s a three-point drop from where the rating was a few days before the Gallup poll. It’s also important to note that the president’s disapproval rate is 55%. Even President George W. Bush had a higher approval rate at 53% at the same time of Trump’s current presidency. Our former president, Barack Obama, had an approval rating of 64% in his first year of his presidency in 2009.

Other polls, however, show that Trump’s approval rating may not be as low as Gallup demonstrates. The Rasmussen daily Presidential Tracking Poll put Trump at a 52% approval rating. With an approval rating as low as this, one begins to think of not only Trump himself, but of his cabinet and conjoining presidential staff members, and their actions within the Trump administration.

A month into Donald Trump’s presidency has been a fight between Conservatives (both Trump supporters and not) and Liberals, and a fight between what is easy and what is right. Things have been said and actions have been taken, but it is our duty as women, as Americans, to continue the fight for justice for all.

Camila is currently a freshman at New Mexico State University and will be the NMSU chapter's campus correspondent. She is working on a major in Finance and a minor in Journalism, is part of a sorority on campus, and also hosts weekly radio shows.
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