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Tips to Avoid the Semester Slumps

Hi, my name is Iliana and I consistently fall into a slump at the beginning of each new semester. From being overwhelmed to setting too high of expectations for the new semester, I somehow always find myself struggling to get motivated to take on the new semester. Even now as I write this article I find myself struggling to get it down. After a week of missing classes and running late to almost all of my commitments, I’ve decided that enough is enough. This semester is the semester I’m going to develop habits that stick and set attainable goals that don’t overwhelm me. Here are some tips I have found that seem helpful and hopefully will be helpful for you too!

  •  Get a planner

Like Oprah to bread I have a profound love for stationary. From planners to highlighters to colorful pens and everything in between I love it all. The best thing about having a planner is being able to see the entire month and all the important dates and deadlines ahead of time. This will not only help with organization but also time management. However, this brings me to my next tip and first downfall of each new semester.

  • Actually use said planner

Each semester I find myself enthralled with the idea of filling in my planner; however, the second week of the semester comes around and I find myself overwhelmed and with an empty planner. As with most things, you will get out what you put into it. So of course a planner with nothing in it does nothing. The key is to find a way to use it as a tool that works for you personally. We all have different preferences and different ways of doing things; therefore, what works for me may not necessarily work for you. Find the best type of planner that you know you’ll use and works for your needs. Personally, I love small, compact planners that have the full calendar month followed by individual days.


  • Find your routine

During any break, my routine mostly consists of waking up whenever, eating whenever, and usually not being the most productive person. During the semester, this is the perfect recipe for disaster. The best thing to do to start of the semester right is to find a steady routine. For me, the best routines involve waking up at the same time every day, working out the same time every day, and eating at least 2 meals. Maybe a routine for you looks different, that fine! As long as your routine is something you can stick to. My major mistake is trying to do too much in a day. By doing this I would just end up overwhelmed and unable to do everything to my best ability. Find a routine that feels good and works for you.


  • Just do it

The biggest block I have is becoming so overwhelmed that I end up shutting down and not doing what I need to do. At the end of the day, classes always come first, so just set some time aside and do what needs to be done. We all have such amazing goals and the first step in reaching them is to just start! I’m working to stop being so hesitant and falling into the same slump and I highly encourage you to do the same. Dear reader, you are incredible and capable of accomplishing so many amazing things, just go out and start!

Each new semester brings new challenges and hardships, but preparation and organization is a great start to avoid falling into semester slumps. These are just a few of many tips and tricks to have a productive and efficient semester. This semester is all about hard work and accomplishing new goals both in school and in life. I’m excited to see what the new semester brings and I hope you are too. Find what works for you and if something doesn’t work, move onto the next thing! You’ve got this and I just know this semester is going to be the best one yet.



Student at NMSU double majoring in Journalism and Government. 
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