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Tailgates and Tan Lines!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NMSU chapter.

Freshman Year Tailgate 

The UTEP v. NMSU Battle of the I-10 football game was one game anticipated by most students here at NMSU. If you don’t already know the University of Texas at El Paso is one of our greatest competitors because of this everyone knew the tailgate would be epic. Three days prior to the game in the freshman spirit I bought all the Aggie gear you can think of from a cap, sunglasses and a new shirt to wear on Saturday. I was ready to show off my Aggie pride to all the incoming miners that would be marching on Aggie land. Being born and raised in El Paso for most of my life I was programmed to apply and attend UTEP and study something along the STEM field. But, as a Journalism major I thought it best to go to a school with a great Journalism department. 

That being said at my first tailgate I had the most fun because I knew almost everyone there and they all showed me the best time. My friends from the Journalism department invited me over for hot dogs while we tossed around a football and talked trash to people wearing UTEP colors. Unexpectedly while I walked around the grassy area of the tailgate some stranger tackled me and pulled me into a hug only to realize it was cousin who lives in El Paso. I was very happy to see that he was having a good time and most importantly was rooting for NMSU. After a while the entire lot got very packed and people were shouting, laughing, dancing and overall having the greatest time. Now I can say I am a true college student that survived her first tailgate and witnessed NMSU win the legendary Battle of the I-10 winning 41 to 7.