The Spring Semester Nightmare

Getting back into the swing of things after having a break is always hard but having a five week break to relax and enjoy my holidays and then jump back into the swing of things is the worst feeling ever. There’s lack of motivation, the will not to live through college, the contemplation of dropping out because let’s face it, we all have asked ourselves at least once if it’s worth truly it. College is soul sucking for most of us but it’s an evil we all need. 

Getting back into the swing of things is probably the most difficult thing. Getting back on something resembles a schedule is an important step in getting back into the groove of college. Making sure your sleep schedule isn’t a complete mess and dinner is still happens is imperative. Of all of the things to make sure of, these are important. I’m guilty of eating a bowl of soup at midnight and staying up until three in the morning and it’s never a good idea. So, having some semblance of a schedule is one key to making the spring semester flow a bit easier. 

Now getting up for classes is an entirely different thing and you do not want to be late (at least not within the first week or so). Setting ten alarms throughout the morning may need to happen to make sure you can at least roll out of bed in time to look presentable (dry shampoo and concealer are a girl’s best friend for reason). Presentation isn’t always a strong factor so just making sure you get there on time and have a clean shirt on is a great starting place. 

Dealing with the new professors (or the reoccurring ones).  For many of us, new semesters mean new professors or, if you’re in a small department like I am, the same professor you’ve had for a year and a half now. Both of these can have their perks but also their downfalls. Like any other semester don’t be afraid to get to ask questions and as weird as it sounds, get to know your professors. Learn office hours and go to them for help, don’t suffer through the class if it’s truly not making sense. Professors are there to help so use that to your advantage. If you’re dealing with a professor that seems to be a thorn in your side, look into switching professors and/or classes if you can. Sometimes that’s not an option and the best you can do is grit your teeth and bare it, but it doesn’t hurt to make some friends to rely on either. 

Homework. This is probably the most daunting task that comes with starting a new semester. It’s hard after a long break to find a rhythm that works for you because nothing is the same as last semester. The library, which could’ve been the worst place for you to go, might turn out to be your best friend. So, try to find new places to work and get it done before procrastination starts to really set in. 

Overall, the spring semester can be better than the fall (in my opinion). The weather is nicer, there’s typically less people on campus to deal with, and nearly everyone is in the mood to get the school year done and over with. While it’s difficult to find the groove to get into, it usually comes pretty quick, especially for the upperclassmen who’ve gone through all of this many times before. So, don’t get discouraged by procrastinating or not looking your best for classes, don’t worry about the cruddy professors you might end up with or already have, because the semester will get better as you go. 

Good Luck!