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So The Met Gala Happened. Lets Talk About It

Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably seen a lot of posts on social media about the Met Gala. Good or bad everyone has an opinion about it. While some are raving about the looks, others are talking about the statements celebrities made, or simply wondering what most of the designers were thinking (because let’s face it some of the looks were kind of boring or kind of weird).

The Met Gala is an annual event hosted by the Metropolitan Museum. This event is able to capture everyone’s attention with its elaborate costumes created by selected designers. However, before it became a recognizable event it initially started in 1948 as a fundraiser for the Costume Institute. Later, in the 1970s, the event became more elaborate thanks to Diana Vreeland who became an executive consultant who decided the guest list and theme.

Every year fashion designers, big and small, piece together elaborate costumes for celebrities to reflect the theme of that year. In the past, we’ve seen themes like “Camp: Notes on Fashion” and “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Image”. This year the theme was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”.  

While some designers decided to pay homage to historical figures, others decided to highlight American culture, and some designers even made a statement with their costumes. With such a broad theme designers we’re able to execute the theme in multiple ways.

Nikkie de Jager, also known as NikkieTutorials on YouTube was at the Met Gala this year. She wore a dress designed by Edwin Oudshoorn. Her aquamarine tulle gown was inspired by Marsha P. Johnson who was a famous figure from the Stone Wall Riots. Marsha P. Johnson paved the way for the Transgender Community, as such Nikkie wore an aquamarine tulle gown with flowers and a sash with the famous saying “Pay it no mind”. 

Edwin Oudshoorn wasn’t the only designer to create designs that paid homage to American Icons. Many designers created looks based on the iconic 1920’s era and aesthetic. For example, celebrities like Gemma Chan wore an outfit inspired by Anna May Wong, the first Chinese American Hollywood Movie Star to gain international recognition. 

This wasn’t the only way American history was highlighted with the fashion from the Met Gala. Native American model and activist Quannah Chasinghorse wore an outfit reflecting Native American culture. Not only did her outfit reflect the culture, but she also used her outfit to make a statement about reclaiming her culture. 

Quannah was one of many to use her ticket to the Met Gala and her outfit to make a statement. Aside from her, celebrities like Billie Eilish also wore a designer outfit to make a statement.

Billie Eilish wore a blush ball gown by Oscar de la Renta. However, this didn’t come at no cost. Billie Eilish only promised to wear the Marilyn Monroe-inspired gown by Oscar de la Renta if they stopped producing products using fur.

While a majority of the costumes made by designers knocked it out of the park some of them were questionable, to say the least. Although I may be wearing sweatpants and judging outfits from the Met Gala it’s safe to say everyone had the same thought as me “What were these designers thinking?”. Some of the most surprising and jaw-dropping (but not in a good way) Met Gala outfits were Ciara, Pete Davidson, and Marcus Samuelson. 

These are only some of the looks that had me in disbelief. While I understand the theme was very broad I don’t quite understand the direction the designers went for these looks. With the Met Gala being one of the biggest nights for fashion these looks don’t serve the event justice.

With the Met Gala come and gone, we’re able to process all the looks, amazing or not. This event not only brought amazing looks with homage to famous figures and American culture but it also provided looks with a statement. After a year of hiatus due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we were finally able to experience the Met Gala in all its glory.

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