Single and Not Really Looking to Mingle

College is a time for people to meet and get together, for people to make life-long friendships and possibly even meet the love of their life. Although that just doesn’t seem to happen for everyone, and I’m here to say that it’s absolutely okay. 

Even though we’ve all witnessed it and some of us have probably even experienced it; being in a relationship and not being able to get enough of your partner type of mood or wanting to have someone by your side through it all kind of mood. Though, for some of us that just hasn’t been the case. Not all of us are going to find the perfect person while in college and frankly some are in a position where at this moment a relationship could do more harm than good. While having a partner by your side may be one of the ultimate goals to achieve, it’s okay to put it on the back burner and focus on things that are of more importance, like yourself. 

That greater importance can come in the shape of classes, needing to focus on getting your work done first, or simply striving to get better grades. For others maybe it’s work or a career, and you don’t have time for an added relationship. It’s okay to focus on these things before finding the yin to your yang. 

While work and school can definitely be contributing factors there’s also the often misunderstood fact of just wanting to be alone. There are some people out in the world that assume that by not having some kind of partner it’s a bad or odd thing. They don’t consider the fact that maybe you just don’t want one. That at this current moment in time you are completely okay with not having another person in your life and that being alone is something you actually want. Focusing on yourself is just as important and just as rewarding. 

There so many perks to being single during this time that many don’t realize. Not having to look cute for anyone but yourself and yourself only, getting more time to hang out with your friends or family, more time to take care of yourself and focus on school, not being confined by any one person’s schedule besides your own, and being able to be as emotional as you want (when you want). And we can't forget many woman’s personal favorite reason to be single--not having to consistently shave (if you’re into that kind of thing anyway). 

There should be no pressure on anyone to date or be in some kind of relationship in college. People might try and put you down for it, or make you feel as if it is a necessity but it’s really not. Learning to be independent during a time like this not only shows you how strong you can be, but also gives you the ability to learn and grow as a person and get to know yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you need to have a relationship in order to experience college to fullest. College is a time to discover, explore, learn, and have fun, so live your life the way you want and make the most of it. You can be great all on your own.