Sana Mizutani- Exchange Student

(Sana Mizutani-Right)

Name:  Sana Mizutani

Age: 21

Major: English and translation

Home city/country: Nagoya, Japan

How long are you here for? 1 year

What differences have you noticed between Japan and the U.S.? That people are kind and for example when you're  walking and make eye contact they smile, in Japan they don’t accustom to do this. Restaurants in America have take out boxes and delivery services and in Japan it’s not so common, also the classes in here are very active and students participate during the class, while in Japan they wait until the end to ask questions or for their comments.

Where did you? Florida, Hawaii

What are some places you’d like to visit? California, Taos, Santa Fe, ABQ.

K-pop or J-pop? J-pop

What are some good J-pop group/singers? Greeeen, Kimura Kaera, Ayaka.

Before coming did you have any stereotypes about the U.S.? Yes, that their food and beverage sized were big. That everyone in America eats hamburgers or at fast food chains, when in reality it depends on the person.

What is your favorite color? Aqua

Which is your favorite class in NMSU? Tourism

Favorite food: Takoyaki- Japan. French Fries- US.