Open Letter to NMSU My HerCampus Girls

First off, let me apologize for be a sobbing mess in our final meeting of this semester. The past year has meant so much more to me than I was able to tell you guys in person. So, for my final article of this term I wanted to properly express my feelings, gratitude, and admirations of you all without depleting into a sack of tears.

As a junior transferring to NMSU from a small town junior college, I was overcome with anxiety. Everything was new to me. I was moving to a side of the state which I rarely visited, going to a much larger campus, taking classes from unfamiliar instructors, interacting with student who I had never met before, and to top it off, I had just changed majors. Change can be a good, but it is also intimidating. Especially when it involves uprooting your entire life and stepping out of our comfort zone.

After seeing a tabling for HerCampus at orientation and seeing the website, I was apprehensive to joining, knowing that I’m not a “girly girl” or typically fashionable person. Making friends in college is not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially being an introverted transfer student. But, after coming to a meeting I meet girls just like me, who are passionate about writing and were also a little lost.

Photo By: Ruth Stephens

Most of us did not know what we were getting ourselves into by joining HerCampus. For me, after joining I found a place where I felt at home. When we're all together, I feel like we all genuinely care for one another. We were able to bond over our universal love of dogs, Disney movies, TV binging habits. We all listen to what one another has to say, even if we disagree everyone’s opinions are respected. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was being heard.

After spending the last two semesters in HerCampus, I have become more assertive when advocating for the things I believe in, I have grown as a writer, I’ve been challenged to step out of my comfort zone, and I have gained a whole new group of girls who I can call friends. Every single one of you girls, has taught me something about being a progressive woman, and as we all move forward together and apart, I will always cherish my experiences with you all.

Andrea, thank you so much for holding us all together. Without you, we would me a mess. Literally. You have been the type of leader that has always been understanding of each of our personal needs and found a way of encouraging us but also holding us accountable. You’ve built us up and even though you’ll be gone we’ll be just fine. That’s not to say that it’s not hard to see you and Kaylie go.

Photo By: Ruth Stephens

Kaylie, thank you for pushing me to write about what I think matters. You always reminded me that as intelligent women, we have more to talk about than nail polish and clothing. Your exuberant personality and down-to-earth leadership style made it easy to love working with this organization. I can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll do in Phoenix.

I know everyone will miss you both, but we also know you two can’t stay here forever. You were the best campus correspondents we could have had to start us off. After witnessing the hard work, you all put into this chapter, I think you should be very proud of yourselves. I know that even without you girls here, we will continue to do our best to build on to the foundation that you laid.

I have made so many memories in our meetings and bonding events, and that is thanks to every single one of us took that first step and decided to join. I am so glad I am going to have you girls with me as I approach my final year of college. Let’s make this next year the absolute best we can.

Photo By: Brittany Hammis