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No Shave November Edition: Anderson Klaiber Leite

Full name:  Anderson Klaiber Leite

Age: 25

Major:  Aerospace Engineering

Where are you from? I am from São Paulo, Brazil


No-shave November questions

1)    When and what motivated you to start growing your beard?

“I think there is no particular motivation for starting to grow my beard except for my personal desire. I always liked beards and I had it since I was 18 years old, but only for the past few months I was determined for growing a longer beard.”

2)    What do your friends and family think about it?

“Some of them don’t like it at all, some of them love it. It is hard to find someone in between! But I think most of them like it.”

3)    What is your favorite style of facial hair?

“My favorite style would be the full beard.”

4)    Do you use any product on your beard?

“Yes, on a daily basis I use beard oil, to moisturize and keep the beard thick (plus it is smells very good!) and also shampoo and conditioner.”


Basic questions

1)    Are you involved with any activities on campus?

“Yes, I am currently on the AIAA (The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and the Design, Build and Fly competition.”

2)    What are your favorite hobbies here?

“Photography and astronomy. New Mexico has one of the best sceneries I’ve ever seen and since I got here, I was fascinated by the mountains and the sky of New Mexico, and that’s why most of the time I am photographing the scenery and sunsets in my free time.”

3)    What do you like the most about this experience abroad?

“It is my first time on a study abroad program and, until now, it couldn’t have been better. The thing I like the most is to have the opportunity to study in the best country for the Aerospace industry and possibly get an internship at one of those companies, especially NASA.”


I am an exchange student from Brazil studying Journalism and Mass Communications at NMSU. I love traveling, meeting new people, cultures and telling their stories. :)
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