A Night of Frights

The spookiest day of the season is almost here and I for one, cannot wait for it. Treats and candy galore, costumes and pumpkins lining the sidewalks and the cool air. All of it. Some Halloween fanatics out there prefer a more adventurous side of the Halloween customs. A haunted side. 

New Mexico is full of supposedly haunted places given some of its history, but some of the most populated towns in the state hold some of the best places for ghosts. 

Here’s a list of some of the most haunted places in New Mexico (that are open for visits):


Albuquerque Parq Hotel

Built in 1926 in downtown Albuquerque, this now remodeled hotel used to house psychiatric and hospital patients. However, it isn’t just current guests that say they’ve had paranormal experiences, patients back in the days of the operating hospital made claims of hearing voices, seeing objects move and having the feeling of being watched. Guests of the hotel have made some of the same claims; the biggest is the feeling of being watched. Ghost hunters have investigated the hotel and have said to of made contact with a ghost. So, if this your kind of thing, book a room and spend a night at the haunted Parq Hotel. 

KiMo Theater

This is one of the most famous haunted locations in the city of Albuquerque and it’s hard to find a resident that hasn’t at least heard of it and the story it holds. It’s history dates back to 1927 built as a southern style theater for New Mexico, but in 1951 tragedy struck. A water heater in the theater had exploded killing 6 people. One of the people that was killed was six-year-old Bobby. His ghost is said to haunt the theater. It’s claimed that Bobby is a poltergeist or a vengeful spirit that’s known to cause mischief and chaos and he likes to cause trouble during performances. Performers are known to leave small offerings (like a gift or treat) out for Bobby to appease him and earn his trust, so he doesn’t interfere with the play. He’s also been known to play around with the electricity, open and close doors, drop cables and mess around with other equipment during performances to distract performers. Buy a ticket and see a show, maybe, just maybe, you’ll see Bobby as well. 


Las Cruces/ Mesilla:

Dona Ana County Courthouse and Jail

If visiting places from ghost hunting TV shows is your thing then this place is perfect for you. The courthouse and jail were built in 1937 and have been the place of many deaths over the years. The building is no longer used and hasn’t been since 2008, but it’s been a hotspot for anyone looking for some haunted adventures. Some say they’ve seen shadowy figures and have encountered a violent ghost. Feelings of cold spots throughout the building, seeing jail cell doors closing on their own and even incidents of visitors being scratched have all been reported. The paranormal investigation team, Ghost Adventures, explored this sight in season 13, episode 5 of their show (according to Travel Channel).

The Amador Hotel

A lesser known haunted site in Las Cruces, The Amador Hotel was built in 1866 and has been a hotspot for ghost activity. Guests say they’ve seen shadowy figures in hallways, flashlights turning on and off and having their arms scratched. Some believe that the ghost haunting the hotel is a girl named Annie, she supposedly roams the second floor when she likes. 

Double Eagle Restaurant

This is yet another location visited by the Ghost Adventures team during their season 13 episode. The restaurant was built in 1849 and has been the site of many gruesome and rather unfortunate events since. Story has it, the original family who owned the restaurant also owned a freight line of importing and exporting goods and as a result, put much of the business on their son who fell in love with a serving girl. Although they fought to keep their love life hidden from the son’s parents, his mother found them one day and murdered the girl with a pair of sewing shears. She also stabbed her son on accident during the altercation, and he later died from the wound. It’s said this happened in the Carlotta room of the restaurant and this is supposedly where the ghosts now reside. They’re said to be mild mannered ghosts with a knack for pranking more than anything. Guests and employees have both reported voices, hearing their name being called, a breeze coming from a fake window, table settings being rearranged and a newly upholstered chair showing signs of wear. 


These are just a few of the places across the state that are reportedly haunted. If any of them catch your interest and spark your spooky senses, make sure to check them out, maybe for a Halloween date night.