My Favorite Memories

This semester has been full of adventures there is no doubt about that. So for me to choose one that I loved the most is a hard one at that. As a chapter of New Mexico State University we did a lot of tabling, bonding events and volunteer activities. So instead of choosing my one favorite memory I’m going to write my top three memories  that stood out to me the most.

  • The first one that I had so much fun in was the Young Achievers event.  In this event even though we weren’t always together we still worked to achieve one goal. For those of you who don’t know what the young achievers forum is, it’s an organization that helps young kids want to go to college and become good citizens in their schools and community. I regret not taking as much pictures like I should’ve but that was one of my favorite memories. I remember we all had to get a good training the Friday before so we can know what to expect. Well what we didn’t know was that the day we were going to volunteer we had to be up and ready by 6:30 a.m. it was something that I didn’t think I would be able to do but that day came and we were ready to conquer the day.  I remember we all met up with our groups and we each somehow bonded with a kid that day. I know I bonded with a sixth grader that day. It was awesome. It showed me how much influence I have on people, well not me but us as a team of course. If you want more information on the young achievers check out their website here.

  • My second favorite memory of this semester has to be our sleepover we had at our writer Brittany’s house. It wasn’t that long ago if I can recall. All I know is that I was stressed out, I was having a bad day due to other reasons, but I do remember how I once I got there all my stressed just went away. We painted each other’s nails, played games and to end it perfectly we watched The Handmaid's Tale. Of course not all of us watched it since majority of us haven’t seen the first season. All in all the night was perfect and we also tie dyed our t-shirts, which even made it even more fun. One thing is certain Is that you are never too old for sleepovers

  • My last favorite memory of this semester is when we did Relay for life and even though we didn’t stay all the way till 6am due to the weather it was fun to be alongside some of your favorite people. Now once again for those of you who don’t know what Relay for life is it’s a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.   The events usually take place on a track or a designated path that the organization creates. A team has to be made and each member of a team has to be on the track of all times. Usually the event is from 6-24 hours. Our event was 12 hours and the weather was so brutal that day. Throughout the entire week it was warm and sunny but the day of the event it went to cloudy and windy. Yet, we still managed somehow. The team was able to put the camping tent up and Kaylie one of our CCs bought us pizzas. Despite the weather life was good and we all managed. So props to us. More information on Relay for Life

If I had a hard time deciding what my favorite memories were this semester I am looking forward to my senior year. So many memories, so little time. Have a good summer everybody.