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Movies That Will Make You Love Being a Woman

Movies take you out of this world. They make you cry, laugh, scream and warm your heart. Sometimes, the best movies inspire you. They make you look at that person on the screen and fall in love with them. Here are a few movies where women characters just inspire you and make you fall in love.

The Hunger Games Series

This is one of my all time favorite movie series and all time favorite character leads. Katniss is the definition of hero who fights for the good. The Hunger Games is about a government divided into districts, each sending one person each year to fight to the death for food and the peace. (Not a very logical way to keep peace by killing but, Katniss changes everything) She stands up for what she believes in and just won’t take no as an answer. She knows that this game isn’t right or needed and wins it (twice, sorta?) but not the traditional way. She doesn’t win it by killing everyone, she wins it with love and letting her revolution of light and peace, catch fire. (ba-dum-tis! This is funny because the second movie is named catching fire, please watch to laugh with me) Pick up this series to empower yourself to be the fire the world needs!




An animated disney film usually has some of the best learning lessons behind them.  Mulan is a perfect example of just that. A story of a women expected to be nothing more than a wife for a man, with no morals or opinion. Mulan didn’t fit the description, they deemed her unfit that brought dishonor to her family. But, she knew she was meant for more and boy, did more come. The great war begun and China needed every man from each house to go to war. Her father was the only, a crippled, older man who had already won did his time in war. Mulan took charge, for her family and their honor, she disguised herself as a man and went. She became the best soldier even seen but then they found out she was a women. Of course, they lost respect for her and sent her home. But, she was a fighter and wouldn’t go down without winning. So she won the great the war, all by herself. Watch this, to inspire yourself to never go down without a fight.


The Princess Diaries 2

A movie about love and princesses. Most would expect for the prince charming to save the princess. Well, this movie, is different. Our Princes Mia is non-traditional. She inherited the throne without a prince. But now, they are threatening to take her crown until she marries a man. Since she obviously can’t handle the responsible because she’s a women and how dare any women run a country all by her lonesome without a big powerful man next to her! (Please note the sarcasm) Mia submits, she looks for a man and who she isn’t really in love with and decides to marry him. The morning of the big day, she realizes something…she doesn’t need a man next to her to run her country the way it should be ran. All she needs is her head and heart. She will marry when she meets someone she loves and someone who will support her not dictate her. (spoiler: at the end she finds that man, he is perfect and played by Chris Pine…who is perfect) Pull this out anytime you feel like you need a reminder that you can do anything, without any man.

These movies are great to watch when you’re feeling down and insecure but even better when you’re not, when you’re feeling great about yourself. Why? Because sometimes the best type of empowerment is the kind that comes when you think you don’t need it. It is much more powerful, meaningful and inspiring.


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