Lazy Girls Fashion: Survival Guide

Let’s face it we don't always want to dress up, especially as a college student. There is so much more that we must focus on such as eating, not gaining weight, sleeping and not procrastinating. Therefore fashion is almost never a priority however, that doesn't mean we can't look nice with a low maintenance outfit.

  1. Sweatpants chic  

Who says we can't look cute and presentable in sweatpants? Solid color sweatpants paired with a cropped sweater  or any type of sweater is a great look especially for the cooler months. Due to fall approaching layering and comfy clothes are a must have.

2. Jeans galore

We all have a pair of jeans that we love, and especially in the fall because they work really well with boots. This is the ultimate lazy girl outfit because it is a very effortless look that one can pair with a simple tee or a sweater, sneakers or boots.

3. Workout clothes

Who says we can't wear workout clothes even if we are not working out. A lazy girl's’ priority is comfort. Therefore, workout clothing is not just for working out,it can be an outfit that you can wear anywhere especially when juggling a hectic day of college. It is not all fancy but it is cute and when you put it on it makes you feel like you are ready to start your day.

4.  A nice statement

Jewelry can really make a statement and can turn any dull outfit into something much more eye catching with minimal effort. Jewelry can go with one simple outfit and it can be the next new trend.The jewelry doesn't  have to be all diamonds and gold but it can be something that you can wear on a casual day.

 5. Accessorizing with hats

Hats are a really good style and there are many different kinds of hats for different people.There are simple hats and fashionable hats and they can both go with any kind of outfit. Some hats might not match your outfit but some hats you can decorate them yourself.Any kind of hat can make a simple outfit look cute and awesome.