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A Lazy Girl Guide To Spring Break

The last traces of the winter we never had are starting to fade away, and our springtime winds are in full swing. A much-needed spring break is literally right around the corner. Some lucky students are taking off to exotic lands with white, sandy beaches and locals who are too eager to sell you things you don’t need. Others are taking full advantage of not having to follow a schedule or do homework anymore by not feeling guilty about binge watching a new series on Netflix and eating mac and cheese like it’s going out of style. Whether you’re staying home or traveling, I want to make sure you get the most out of your spring break. Below is a lazy girl’s guide to having an epic spring break.

  1. Don’t set your alarm, but don’t stay inside all day


I can totally sympathize with a 12 hour plus snooze. But, although your body is probably in much need of recovery from the stress of midterms and caffeine, you need some sunshine. Sunshine, more than anything, is going to help your body go back to a semi-normal level of human functionality.

  1. Remember to drink water

The possibility of your alcohol consumption increasing dramatically is…quite high. Don’t forget your body needs to stay hydrated to keep that luscious summer glow you are sure to obtain.



Yes, it may take a little bit of effort to put it on. However, if you decide against wearing sunscreen, you’re going to get burned and suffer through days of sticky aloe application.

  1. Pack light


If you plan on traveling, pick out clothes that can be worn multiple times and with multiple outfits.  Limit yourself to one hat, one to two pairs of shoes, but several pairs of delicates. Don’t go without those.

  1. Travel with friends who like to take pictures


Your phone memory and battery life will thank you. You can always have them tag you on social media later.

  1. Invest in a pair of big sunglasses


Why big sunglasses? So that no one can tell you aren’t wearing makeup and you still look like a total babe.

  1. Perfect the topknot bun


Not quite sure how to make a cute messy bun? Try following a tutorial by clicking here.

  1. Buy an innertube…with a cup holder


You will thank me later. It may just be the best investment of your collegiate life.

  1. Eat lots of fruit


Fruits like strawberries, watermelon, and grapes are not only incredibly cheap, they are your best friends when it comes to hydration. Snack healthy my friends.

  1. Unplug technology


The ultimate lazy tip. You now have a legitimate excuse to not talk to anybody. So don’t. Take a break from the strain of social media and enjoy the time you have with no responsibilities.


Whatever you may need this spring break, give the time to yourself to do it. If you need some solid napping time, take it. If you need to satisfy the wanderlust that has been burning within you all semester, go. If you need a break from reality, jump on your unicorn and ride away. Remember that this is a time to relax and recover so that you are rejuvenated and ready to conquer the rest of the semester when you come back to campus in a week.

Dallas is an Agricultural Education major and senior at NMSU. She has no idea what she's going to do with her life, but feels quite qualified to give you advice about yours. She loves margaritas and avacados. 
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