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Karla Souza – The Mexican Girl Boss

Karla Souza is a Mexican actress and entrepreneur who you might have seen her from her amazing role of Laurel in How to Get Away with Murder along with another very amazing and talented girl boss Viola Davis. Karla Souza was born and raised in Mexico, she is one of the few actresses from Mexico that have landed major roles in the USA and while she does play a character that is a bit stereotypical of a Latin family she still plays a role of a very intelligent law student.

But no, I’m not here to talk about the role of Souza in How to Get Away with Murder, I’m here to talk about the other amazing things that she has made and that not a lot of people know about because Karla Souza is ultimate girls boss goals tbh. The first time Souza was in a big role was in a Mexican film called “Nosotros los Nobles” (We the Nobles) where she played the role of Barbie Noble, a spoiled rich girl, while Souza did an amazing role I wasn’t a fan of it because she was portrayed as a girl who didn’t have a bright mind and was super materialist. After this movie I wasn’t that big fan of her, until I saw her as Laurel. She was a smart young lady who helped solve (or cover…) murders and her role was always important in this show, that’s when I started following her on social media and realizing the amazing woman she is. 

Karla Souza after finishing a season or two of HTGAWM went back to the big screen in Mexico and filmed one movie called “Que culpa tiene El Niño?” (Why Blame it on the Child?) and it broke record as one of the highest selling movies in the history of Mexican cinema. She not only was an actress but she also had some influence for the script, where she made her character a strong woman. Once she finished that movie she went back to film the third season of HTWAGM and she did another movie “Everybody loves Somebody”. While she has done amazing things in these movies and shows she is also a big influence in Mexico.

She gave a TED talk where she gave a powerful speech about success, motivation and how to confront the obstacles life puts in front of you, you can see it here with subtitles in English. 

She has also ran tons of marathons along with her HTGAWM costars and donates the money to children’s hospitals. She also visits children on hospitals during her free time to cheer them up, which is amazing that she takes the time to do it. 

One of the latest things that she has done is donate money through her “Los Angeles en Mexico” (The Angels in Mexico”) along with three other Mexican girl bosses Ana de la Reguera, Kate del Castillo and Olga Segura, to help bring relief to the victims of the Earthquake that happened earlier this year in several parts of Mexico. 

Karla Souza is a great example for young girls and also women in Mexico that you can accomplish anything you set you mind to and that you can break so many barriers. Every time I see Souza on tv and that I know that she is representing my culture and women all around the world I can feel the girl power running through my veins. 


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