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Interesting Crafts and Recipes to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

It’s October and it’s time to get creative! Not only is Halloween is coming up, but it’s also the month that represents Breast Cancer Awareness. To commemorate the month, here are some crafts to either give as gifts or spruce up your existing living space. The link to the crafts can be found at the end of the article!

1. Kindness Rocks

To promote breast cancer, and give as gifts, you could paint rocks with inspiring messages, like “Have Faith” or “Happiness” that can make pretty and inspiring gifts! Feel free to customize the rocks with any saying that you’d like! They make pretty gifts and even nicer trinkets. Make sure to use the color pink and, for an even craftier look, a hole can be drilled in the top and be made into a necklace.

2. Wine Bottles, Mason Jars, etc

The same thing can be done with empty wine bottles or mason jars; if you paint them, you can write inspirational quotes on them and use them as décor! Get creative with them by leaving them clear or turning them into shakers or snow globes.

3. Tea Light Holders

Using cheap wine glasses, which you can buy from the dollar store, or your local supermarket, paint and glitter a couple of wine glasses, turn them over, and set tea lights on them. Cheap, quick, and easy!

4. Cards

With some tagboard, construction paper, beads, etc, you can make very pretty-looking cards. The borders can be laced, or you can make a string of beads for a touch of elegance. Like with most of these crafts, a personal touch is always welcome!

5. Multi-Patch Quilt

This craft is a little more intense and complex. It would require the fabric, quilting cotton, and a sewing machine. Essentially you would cut out the pieces, sew them together, and layer them with the cotton and sew it together. It’s complex and not a craft I’d recommend for a beginner. However, if you’re up for it, go for it!

6. Gift Basket

Gift baskets are pretty easy to make and don’t require much crafting. If you so desire, gifts can be purchased according to the theme and compiled into a basket. Any of the gifts above could also be used in the basket, along with the other crafts below.

7. Painting

For those on the more artsy side, a painting would be a nice gift. Perhaps that of a pink ribbon, or something that would remind a person of breast cancer, while also looking subtle.

8. Red Velvet Snowballs

For those of you less crafty, and more on the baking side, you could make a Red Velvet Snowball. This is a red velvet cake ball, dusted in pink coconut flakes, with a cream center. Yum!

9. Pink Candied Popcorn

This consists of Popcorn, pink m&m’s candy melts, and sprinkles. Melt the pink chocolate, and mix with the rest of the ingredients! Enjoy, or give as a gift.

10. Cotton Candy Mocktail

This next drink consists of cream soda, cotton candy, lemonade, and pink sugar crystals. Judging by the drink recipe, this would probably be decently sweet, which would be great for those of you that are sweet tooths. I’m pretty eager to try this as well!

11. Pink Ribbon Sugar Cookies

You don’t need a specific sugar cookie recipe for this, a store-bought one would do. All you need for this is a ribbon cookie cutter and pink icing. Decorate to your heart’s content! I love sugar cookies and this could be a great idea as a gift, like I’ve previously said, or as a snack.


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A current junior at NMSU, Rukiiyah is an introvert who loves to spend her days at home with a cup of green tea,her pet rabbit Ruxia, and a novel of her choice. You can follow her on Instagram @ _ruki.ruki22_
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