I Ordered Custom Hair Products and was not as Happy as Promised

Two months ago, I came to a point where I had enough of the itchy and oily scalp I had been dealing with for over three years. It was so bad that itching had become a habit rather than a need. I had heard about custom shampoos from ads and youtubers, and decided to at least take a peak at what there was and see if it might be a good fit for me. After doing some research and filling out the questionnaire of both Prose and Function of Beauty I decided to go with Prose. My relationship started out great, but I quickly saw red flags to the quality and my own patience with this product and the amount I paid for it.

The questionnaire Prose has is a lot more in depth than Function of Beauty, it even takes your region and its climate into consideration when putting together your product. It also asked about my dandruff, what type of dandruff and what triggered it to make it worse, how active I was, etc. I was satisfied with the questionnaire and wanted to give it a shot. 

When doing this there was something that made me pause to think for both Prose and Function of Beauty. They were both extremely expensive. An eight oz bottle of shampoo or conditioner from Prose was $25 and Function of Beauty $39. Another reason I went with Prose was its more reasonable price. 

When I first received my shampoo, I was very excited! I had just spent $50 on hair care products! The first wash yielded amazing results for my hair. It was soft, my scalp didn’t itch and the wash lasted a day longer than my normal shampoo. It was an extremely relieving sensation to not need to scratch my scalp in front of people and have them fear I had something other than dandruff. Over the next few weeks I continued to feel satisfied with the results. After about a month of using the product, I noticed a slight rebound in my scalp condition, it was slowly going back to its oily and flaky condition that I so badly want to be forever rid of. It only took about a month for it to fully return to its condition despite using Prose every time I washed my hair which remained regular and the same as it has been with any other hair products. 

With my scalp returning to its original condition, I was extremely disappointed in my choice to spend $50 on shampoo and conditioner. Not to mention that this price only gives you an eight ounce bottle and the product does not go very far. It takes about 4 pumps of shampoo to wash my medium length hair. The need to liberally use this product would not fair well for someone with longer hair. It has since been about three months since I ordered this shampoo and I sincerely wish I had settled with my usual eight dollar bottle that would not have changed anything but smelled great and be much more cost effective.

Personally, I would not recommend buying from Prose. I have not tried the competing brands for custom hair products but if you go with any, I strongly encourage you to take Prose off your list of possibilities. It's not worth the price. I honestly recommend sticking to your regular shampoo which for me is Herbal Essences. It's affordable, smells great and they have lots of different options so in case something about your hair changes, you can change your hair care routine at a low cost.