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So, it is officially Halloweek! This week you can be as spooky as you can. Why just relegate Halloween to a single day, why not make it a celebration that lasts a week? Here are just a few things you can do this week to celebrate the spooky season, or maybe, like if you’re super busy, you can do this stuff on Halloween itself!

Make some Food and Have A FEAST

For the foodies out there, find some spooky recipes and try them out! Make a pie, get doughnuts, drink cider or hot chocolate, etc. Put emphasis on comfort food, since a feast often leaves you tired and content afterward! And, most of all, have candy! Halloween is the one holiday it is okay to have a sweet tooth!

Go to the pumpkin Patch or a Maze

At least here in Las Cruces, we have the Mesilla Valley Maze that will be open on Halloween weekend. Check it out if you would rather chill out, take pictures, and just have fun! This is definitely a family-friendly activity that absolutely anyone can do and have fun with.

GET scared at a haunted house

Find a haunted house to get super scared at! It’s Halloween, it’s time to get scared! You can find an actual haunted house where you pay to get jump scared, or you can explore your city and find historical landmarks. Imagine finding a building that has been standing for centuries, or a piece of land that has a spooky story connected to it.

watch scary movies- at home or at the theater

Scary movies are a given on Halloween, you can’t celebrate the spooky season without them! Even if you don’t like hardcore scary movies, you can find chill ones too. There’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Monster House, Edward Scissorhands, etc. Then there are the classics, Scream, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc. There’s so much variety I am sure you’ll find something!

There’s a Halloween sequel that just came out this October, “Halloween Kills” that will be in theaters throughout the spooky season. Make it an event! Dress up and go to the movies! Or maybe another theater near you is playing a different scary movie you would be more interested in, just do a quick search.

Find a halloween party- or throw one yourself!

A Halloween party is a spooky season classic. Ask around your friend group, maybe someone or someone they know is throwing a Halloween party! It would definitely be a reason to dress up and have fun. Plan a group costume that’s amazing and creative, or have a cool, unique costume for yourself.

If you aren’t interested in going to someone else’s party, just throw one yourself! You can make it as big or as small as you’d like. Invite family and friends, encourage costumes, have food, a scary movie playing, etc.

We might be a little too old to go trick or treating but that doesn’t mean we can’t find fun things to do on Halloween! Happy Halloween everybody!

I'm an English Major with an emphasis in Literature, Language & Culture, and I am minoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I tweet like i'm twitter famous, but my other interests include: books, cats, plants, Netflix, Disney and being active on my college campus.
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