Girl Power From Parkland, Florida.

In history we have seen many teenagers fight for equal rights. From the Civil rights movement to fighting for the Vietnam War to end and despite what people may think teenagers have been at the forefront of history for a long time.

On February 14, 2018 a mass shooting took place at Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school where seventeen people were killed and seventeen were wounded. It has been known as the worlds deadliest school massacre. Now, more then ever, we have teenagers raising up against our government for gun reform. But, the ones that I have seen that are at the front lines of this fight have been teenage women. Regardless if you agree with them or not you have to admit seeing these women fighting for something they believe in is inspiring. Lets take a closer look at who they are shall we?

This is who is fighting for you:

  • Emma Gonzalez

Gonzalez has been known as the face of the movement when she spoke the B.S. speech in front of Broward County; there she called out the NRA, politicians and president Trump. She is the daughter of Jose Gonzalez who is now a lawyer. He came to America from Cuba in 1968 and settled in New York City. Her mother is a math tutor and like all moms she tends to worry about Emma. She not only represents her heritage as a Cuban with such pride but, she also says that she’s bisexual which has been a great representation for the LGBTQ. As of lately she has been a target from the republican side of politics where many politicians have called her unnecessary names.  As of right now she has more followers on twitter than the NRA. Since the marches and speeches Gonzalez has accumulated more than 1 million twitter followers, as opposed to the NRA, which joined twitter, since 2009, only has grown to 636,000 twitter followers. Now if that isn’t influence then I don’t know what is. Her twitter handle is @Emma4Change

  • Jaclyn Corin

Jaclyn is a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas who is fighting the front lines to gun control. She helped organize with the nationwide march known as March For Our Lives and she is currently junior class president. The day of the shooting one of her close friends Jaquin Oliver was killed and one of her classmates Jaime Guttenberg. Her and Emma knew after this event of the shooting that something had to change. According to people, she lauched a WhatIf video that had 1.4 million views in three days. Jaclyn was one of the activist who organized a trip to Tallahassee to make her voice heard along with other fellow students. Jacyln among David, Emma and others have been calling out Marco Rubio, The NRA for change to stop gun violence in our schools.

So despite what people say, or how many politicians polarize them and bully them they are fighting for something that in the end could save us. Even though people may look down on a bunch of teenagers or teenage girls they are inspiring change. As I stated before teenagers have been fighting these fights for a long time and I look forward to seeing how these lovely ladies contribute to the change that we will see in the future. Never let somebody look down on you because you are young. KEEP THE FIGHT!