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Today is about a month before many seniors, including myself, end their second to last semester of college. Today is about two and a half months before many seniors, including myself, start their last semester of college. We will soon be faced in front of cross road and have to have the courage to choose a path. Process that for a second. Even though, let’s be real and honest here for a second. No one can only process this for a second. I have been processing it for months and still, I come up with the same conclusion, why now? Why not later?

Well, it’s a simple answer. We’re ready. We have done our 4 years of college, we’ve done all we can to prepare and the world is waiting for us, even though we are definitely not waiting on the world. I want this article to be a sense of comfort in a time where we all feel nothing but pressure. Here are some things, ever soon to be graduating senior needs to hear.


1.  It’s your path, no one else’s.

If you’re anything like me, you worry more about other people than you do yourself. You listen to the common successful family member and compare. Comparing is the devil in disguise. Just because your one rich, happy, successful aunt had a full-time job lined up before even graduating, then went to be top of her master’s program and then went on get her Doctorate, doesn’t mean you need to. Despite what you think, you, yes you, know what’s best for your field. You know what’s best for your path. It is important and helpful to get guidance, it is important to listen to those who have done it before, but there is a huge difference between deciding for yourself based off help and deciding based off doing what others want. I urge you, to listen and learn from those in your field, not in your family. I urge you to research and ask questions not only to people who inspire you but also within yourself. Most especially, I urge you to believe in you and your voice. That will guide you on the path you should be on.


2. Dreams can be turned into reality.

After all we’ve been through, if that may be that’s changing majors or being told by at least one person we can’t do what we want, many us don’t believe in dreams anymore. But, we should. If I learned anything it’s not to stop believing, it’s to start working. I wish it was easy as wishing on a 

star, or blowing out a candle, but it just isn’t. Dreams come true when we want it bad enough that we work hard enough for it. We can do a lot if we set our mind to perfecting our craft and working those long hours. Now, of course, be cautious, be real as much as you can. Being the next Taylor Swift is hard, but if you have a gift, if you have the drive, do it. But, make sure to also have a second passion that can get you a steady job on the side. Just always remember, the base of dreams is hard work.


3. Keep every door open.

I have always had one dream. I wanted to work at ESPN as a sideline reporter at the biggest college and pro football games. I only wanted that. But, it did take me awhile to understand that I can’t just focus on one door that may never open. In college I chose more that broadcasting. I also chose Public Relations, Advertising, Multimedia, Education. I chose to be a person of many skills, instead of one that so many other people had. I chose to be someone that will not close a single door and wants to try and do different things. I never want to be limited in my life. I want to have opportunities that will make me happy, make me love what I do and make me feel fulfilled. Sometimes, it’s not what you expect. I never considered PR before college and now it’s something I really love. In the last semester of college, make sure to completely sharpen those skills for your one true love, whatever it may be. But, make sure to leave as many doors open by developing as many new skills you can.

In end, anyone who has the chance to walk across that stand should be everything but especially, grateful. These days in our country college is just the next step, we don’t often appreciate that other countries don’t have that same luxury. So be grateful, be confident, be hardworking and keep your eyes wide open. We’re ready. The only question is when we’re at the fork in the road, which way will we go?


Journalism and Mass Communcations Studies with a emphasis in Public Relations, Broadcasting and Minor in Education
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