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I am always listening to music. I listen to music when I’m showering, getting ready, driving, doing homework, and there have even been times when I wanted to listen to music when watching a show (which cancel each other, I know) but that just shows how much I love music. Here are a few artists I listen to that you should give a listen to! 


  • Ashnikko’s music isn’t for everyone. So, you’ve been warned. You may have heard her on TikTok. She sings “STUPID” and “Working Bitch” which are some of the most popular songs on TikTok. One of her lyrics for “Daisy” is “I’m crazy but you like that” because, yes, she is a little crazy, and yes, I love that. She is so unapologetically herself and her songs can be very sexual, but they are also empowering. She released her mixtape “Demidevil” and I LOVED IT. Ashnikko is easily in my top three female artists. Recommended songs: “Deal with It”, “Halloweenie [1,2 &3]”, “Little Boy”, “Hi, It’s Me”, “Toxic”.


  • Babi. I can’t recommend this girl enough! She is so great and has become a favorite of mine in record time. Babi is an artist from Spain. I recently discovered her music and I can’t think of a time when I didn’t know her. She does sing in Spanish but even if you don’t understand Spanish, it soothes you. I have a friend who doesn’t speak Spanish, but she likes Babi because of the way she sings. Recommended songs: “Colegas”, “Devuelmelo”,” Rota”, “Desierto”, “Lo jodiste”. 


  • Ambar Lucid sings a mix of Spanish with English and she just does her thing so well. She was actually coming to El Paso in May and I was so excited to go but unfortunately, it got canceled due to the pandemic. I still hope to hear her live sometime because her music is really good. Recommended songs: “A letter to my younger self”, “Questioning My Mind”, “Fantasmas”, “Painted Red”, “Story to Tell”.


  • Hayley Kiyoko. You may remember Hayley from Disney’s Lemonade Mouth or as an evil character in Wizards of Waverly Place but what you may not know is that she has released solo music (and has been for years)! Hayley Kiyoko is known primarily for her song “Girls Like Girls” and for being part of the LGBTQ+ community. Her songs are so good and fun. If you liked her acting, just wait until you hear her singing! Recommended songs: “I Wish”, “Gravel to Tempo”, “What I Need”, “Curious”, “Wanna Be Missed”. 


  • Bülow. I only stumbled upon Bülow last year and her music has stayed good throughout. A song of Bülow’s that has a lot of attention is “Get Stüpid” and that is because it’s about wanting to have fun and drink and do whatever people do at parties, without having to fear for her safety. Which is something very unfortunate that women have to deal with. But Bülow also has many other good, pop songs. Recommended songs: “You & Jennifer”, “Sweet Little Lies”, “Lines”, “FINE”, “Honor Roll”. 


All of these music artists are still underrated (not many people know them) but they are true hidden gems. So, next time you want to listen to someone new, please consider them! All these women are truly talented!

Senior at New Mexico State University that's majoring in Psychology with two minors in Spanish and Journalism. I spend too much time shopping, watching TV shows, listening to podcasts about breakups, spoiling my cat Juno, photographing every detail of my life and scrolling through TikTok. Writing is my thing and I hope it makes you laugh, feel understood, or is helpful to you.
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