Decorating Your New Dorm/Apartments Shouldn’t Have to be Totes Tragique!

Whether you live in an apartment or a dorm during your college years, it is hard to decide how to decorate, especially when there’s a limited amount of space. However, there’s no need to panic because there is a cheap and easy way to make your room look totally fab!

1. We all need that little extra space to put our books and notebooks away. One idea is to use plain storage boxes and add fun wallpapers to them. They will help add a little color to your office, plus they will save you from having a mess and not being able to find your books for the next morning.

2. Moving on to decorating those plain white, boring walls. All it takes is a string and a few clothespins to cover that wall with fun memories. Hanging pictures of friends and family, and adding some twinkle lights will make it feel like you’re at home.

3. Still looking for more ways to decorate those walls? Adding a poster of your favorite Audrey Hepburn film will help give your room a girly touch.

4. Adding a little green with some potted plants will give your room a nature scent that will help you feel awake though those hours of studying.

5. Artful pillows are a great way to decorate solid color bed comforters and also makes it look vintage. You can get them at a great price at local stores such as Marshall’s and Ross.

6. Washi tape is going to be your best friend during your college years. It makes for a great picture frame and it makes the room look colorful. Don’t want to spend money on work art? Try and create your own with washi tape.

Adding these items to your room will add more of a glam factor. Good luck in your interior decoration ventures!