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Criminals Charged With Robbery Against Kim Kardashian West

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NMSU chapter.

In early October of last year, reality TV star Kim Kardashian-West was robbed in her Paris hotel room.  Kardashian-West was in Paris for Fashion Week, an exciting and cultured event, yet the armed robbery that the star faced was the complete opposite of exciting.

Kardashian-West was essentially held hostage when five men disguised as police officers held her at gunpoint, and proceeded to steal a 20-carat diamond, and a silver necklace with ‘Saint’ engraved on it, which is the name of Kim and Kanye’s son. The criminals also stole a jewelry box estimated to be valued at 5.6 million dollars. Kardashian-West reports that the criminals tied her up, left her in the bathroom, and fled the scene. Now, in 2017, four suspects of the crime are being charged with armed robbery.

Complicity charges were filed against Gary Madar, the brother of Michael Madar, who was the Kardashian-West Paris chauffeur.  These connections have led authorities to believe that the robbery was an inside job. Besides the four main suspects of the crime, 17 other people face preliminary charges and remain in custody.

Since the crime, Kim Kardashian-West is reported to have visited Dubai; her first public appearance since the ordeal.  Kim is currently working on her role in Ocean’s 8, a film in which a jewelry heist is portrayed, and has critics questioning how much the robbery really did affect the celebrity. Regardless, her family, especially her sisters, are relieved to see that Kim has and is handling the situation with grace.


Camila is currently a freshman at New Mexico State University and will be the NMSU chapter's campus correspondent. She is working on a major in Finance and a minor in Journalism, is part of a sorority on campus, and also hosts weekly radio shows.