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Close One Chapter, Open Another

All my life, I thought time was something I could control. It was a nieve thing to think as I sit here, the end of my first year of college coming to a close. Time never stops and it never slows down – it just keeps going. It’s like reading a really good book, as it gets better, it seems as though it goes by faster, getting closer to end that will leave you wanting more. High school had four chapters that went by faster each year and college is closing up on a thrilling first chapter. For current seniors, they are ending their last chapter. As we get closer, I ask you to remember 3 things to help prepare for the end of this chapter not how to study or even how to destress, instead how to always cherish the memories.

One last time

As some of us take our last steps across campus or some wrap up a hard fought year here, it’s easy to forget all the good moments. I know for me, in this fast paced world we live in, I find it hard not to just work, study, do homework and repeat. But, as time goes by faster, we have to make sure to have a lasting imprint of those good times. So, I urge you once a week at least to take the time to go and do something you love to do and will never forget. It can be small, go take a walk to the nicest places in town that you have memories at, go out with friends to dinner to make new ones or even go read a book. Take that last walk down to the student union in college, go to your last class, or have your last study session. To help make it through these next couple weeks, don’t try to forget, try to remember.

Write it down

I find it hard to always remember details myself, I can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, let alone a memory from 10 years ago. As I said, sure we will always have some general memory but that doesn’t mean we’ll always remember every fun detail. So, I find it very handy to keep a memory journal. It’s a safe place to write memories, let that be great ones, significant ones, sad ones, or important ones. Any memory that has some sort of lasting impact write it down. College is a chapter that has really helped make you who you are. Don’t forget any moment good or bad, that really made you. I think it’s important to do this, because in it’s own way it’s almost stopping time just for second and saving it.

Graduation Day

There is no better way to put this time of year than bittersweet. Many seniors are happy to start this new chapter, also nervous, also sad. So, this small activity on graduation day can help put all those emotions into one. That morning, waking for your special day, with that memory book you own with all your memories, write down how you feel. Write down why you feel how you do and then, get up, get ready and go walk across that stage that you worked so hard to do. After, go celebrate, hug your friends who helped you get through your first breakup and last final. Hug your parents who helped you get through your first car and last tuition payment. Then hug everyone in between who helped you make it. Pop the champagne, go to your party, someone elses and at the night go home to your memory journal. Write in this chapter one last time, how you feel now, everyone you hugged today and why you did, then reminise a little…but after, close this chapter and lock it away for safekeeping, then start a new one.

I hope you take these 3 lessons and maybe use them. But if you can take anything away from this moment in your life or my article take this: These next few weeks are going to have many emotions behind them, but enjoy every single one. You deserve this diploma, you worked so hard, and you have grown so much. I hope you remember these memories and I hope you end this chapter knowing the best is yet to come. Here’s to bittersweet endings and dangerous beginnings!

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