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It is officially the best time of year! Where New Mexico starts to cool down and we enter the holiday season. Of course, this starts with Thanksgiving, then Christmas and ending with New Years. Though before I get too ahead of myself here, let us focus on the upcoming week. Thanksgiving! And with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday. Over the past decade I used to prefer going with my family in store to shop over Black Friday. This meant waking up at three in the morning and getting breakfast before standing in an enormously long line to shop those deals. Nowadays I much prefer to do this shopping online. And for those of you who do agree I have come up with a list containing some of my favorites places to shop. These stores are offering Black Friday deals on Friday as well as throughout the week.

This store not only has a great selection but has a massive amount of sales going on right now for Black Friday. And while you can do this in store, deals are available online as well. So, if you want to surprise your partner this is definitely not a bad way to do it!

I have always loved the quality I receive from Target and not only do they have their Black Friday ad on their website, but they are allowing for early deals as well. Keep in mind some of these deals are in store but others are online. 

Kohls is having pre-Black Friday sales as well as in store prices for Friday. Jeans, tops, shoes, basically if you are looking for any kind of clothes for next semester, now is not a bad time to shop.  

As a college student, the word sale is always enjoyable to hear. This rings more than true for Victoria’s Secret. Undergraduates and Graduates who are on a budget, this is not a bad time to consider shopping here. 

If you are an avid Amazon shopper, you know they have offered deals for Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday. And if you have Amazon Prime that is just another reason why you have to check them out. 

I added this in because I am a hug DC nerd. I love the comics and I love most of the movies. The DC store is offering deals for the holidays so if you love clothing with your favorite comic book heroes or villains then take a look at their website. 

If you live in Las Cruces and have an Office Max or Depot around you, they are offering deals on their tech and supplies for the holidays.

For those of you who enjoy Samsung phones, tablets, or appliances they are offering deals as well. Keep in mind shopping over Thanksgiving is also considered getting that early Christmas shopping out of the way!

If you are anything like I am and can claim you have dropped your phone more times than you can count it is definitely wise to invest in a solid case. This store has been worth the cost for me. Though I will say everyone is different, and every phone is different, this company is my go-to.  

As a college student I am almost always putting off buying antivirus software until the last minutes because of the price. If any of the readers are in the same boat, then take a look at Norton’s site and their sales on software. 

If you have kids you need to shop for, now is a good time to take a look at those gaming deals. Or, if you are like me and enjoy gaming despite your age, that is another reason to consider checking out their site.

This list of shopping suggestions has something for everyone, and I hope it helps you all enjoy the holiday season. 




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