The Best Parts About Being a Queen V Brand Ambassador

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Scrolling through my Instagram, seeing candid pictures featuring products and cute outfits, wondering what it would be like to be a brand ambassador, I decided to reach out to a few companies. I was looking for an opportunity to be a brand ambassador myself. I thought I might have a chance after increasing my following over the summer through connecting with other Her Campus Trendsetters. But I soon learned that most of the smaller clothing and cosmetic product brands on Instagram did not give a whole lot of benefits to their brand ambassadors. It was difficult to connect with the other girls that were ambassadors because there was no way to connect them. I was a little discouraged because I wanted to be a brand ambassador for a company that cared about their ambassadors and gave them opportunities to connect. Since I didn’t have any luck with finding a brand that I liked and wanted to represent I decided to start searching for an internship instead.

During my search for a real job or internship, I visited the Her Campus website and clicked on the Jobs tab to see what opportunities I could possibly do remotely. I came across a posting about being a brand ambassador for a company called Queen V. As I read through the posting and explored their website, I learned that the company is all about women empowerment and making it less of a taboo to talk about women hygiene. Queen V was founded by a women named Lauren Steinberg.

She created the company when she found that she wasn’t the only one out of her friends that was having trouble with finding affective and safe feminine hygiene products. Queen V sells feminine hygiene products, from soap to lube to even vitamins. What sparked my interest about the company the most is the fact that the products are made in the USA and gynecologist recommended. The variety of products also intrigued me. I filled out some simple questions about how I am qualified to be a brand ambassador and what I like about the brand itself. I got a quick reply from Queen V and I had a short phone interview the following week. Everything went rather smoothly.

The next week I got a welcome box with products like the utmi vegetables capsules (the most raved about product among my friends) and shirts that said “Girls Support Girls” on the front with the Queen V logo underneath. The products were amazing quality and enough for me to give some to girls in the Her Campus chapter at NMSU. Included in the welcome box was a packet of promotional assignments that could be completed within the month for actual cash, which was great. But I was most excited about sharing with my friends the great products and message behind Queen V. Basic assignments included posting on your Instagram as well as sharing your personal discount code with friends and family. It was simple yet fun and ambassadors can do other things like tabling or passing out fliers about Queen V. I also got to connect with other ambassadors through a Facebook group and get suggestions from them about how to best execute the assignments.

One of my personal favorite assignments I did was tabling on Halloween in a high foot traffic area on our campus. I passed out candy, p.s. i lube you samples, and fliers with motivational quotes on them. It was so fun to talk with girls and share with them that there is a brand out there they can trust and has a great fun design.

Photo taken by Angela Meyer

Ever since I became a brand ambassador for Queen V or a “Queen VIP”, I knew that this company was going to change the game for women across the states in relation to their own feminine hygiene and overall empowerment about their bodies and themselves. Through being an ambassador, I got to meet and interact with some great women on my campus and got to hear about how they felt about Queen V products and how they were really making a difference on how they physically felt. This semester, I got to really step out of my comfort zone and talk about issues that matter, and now I will never stop.