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Avelina Gonzáles: The Sunshine of Taos

It is a normal day of classes and NMSU students are making their way to have lunch at Taos, the university’s busy restaurant. Right at the door, there she is; welcoming each and every one of the Aggies coming in with hugs, warm greetings and a smile that never fails to make one’s day better.

For this week’s profile, we would like to introduce you to sweet Avelina. The lady considered by many as the heart of the university and whose positive attitude helps in cheering up students and lighting up the campus. 


Avelina Gonzáles



Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Las Cruces.

For how long have you been working at Taos?

I started working at Taos in 2006 as a prep cook, and now I stay at the door taking care of the students’ entrance. I have been here for a total of 10 years.

What is your favorite thing about working at Taos?

 My favorite thing about this job is being in touch with the kids. During my time here, I’ve met a lot of nice people.

Everyone knows you for always having such a positive attitude at work.  What is your secret?

Just be happy, because life is too short. Nobody wants to come in and see a sad face.

What about future plans?

I want to stay here and work for as long as I can.

Student Thoughts

With her bright and cheery attitude, Avelina leaves quite an impression on each and every Aggie she has encountered. After long grueling study hours, sometimes, being met with a smile before dining can make ones day. A few Aggies below share their thoughts and experiences with Avelina Gonzáles.

“Avelina is so kind and friendly. She has a beautiful and sincere smile that warms up people’s heart in a cold day. I really like her and appreciate her services.”

 – Deniz Yapmis

She’s great! Always receive us with an enthusiastic phrase.”

Carolina Bastos

“Avelina is one of the kindest people in NMSU. She really makes my day start better with her, hello sweetie.”

Armando Albuquerque

I am an exchange student from Brazil studying Journalism and Mass Communications at NMSU. I love traveling, meeting new people, cultures and telling their stories. :)
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