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It’s almost Thanksgiving and therefore the time of year of family gatherings. Whether you’re seeing your family in person or through a Zoom call, you might need some ways to pass the time. Animation is a great form of art that can convey almost anything, and luckily many beautiful animated films are also family-friendly. Here are some that are all available on Netflix that the entire family is sure to enjoy. 


The Little Prince


This beautiful piece of animation is criminally underrated. It is absolutely gorgeous to look at, and it perfectly uses multiple forms of animation to tell it’s story. It also deals with some deep topics elegantly and tastefully. The Little Prince is based on the classic book of the same name from 1944. If you or anyone that you know has read the book, then this movie is a must-see that surely won’t disappoint. 


All Dogs go to Heaven


Lot’s of us have probably seen this movie as a kid and cried our little eyes out. This movie is definitely an underrated classic. It is so heartfelt and will make you want to hold your furry friend as close as possible. It’s time that this movie gets exposed to a new generation. Make sure to show this movie to your little brothers and sisters, your little cousins or basically any child because this movie deserves the love of today’s youth. This one is for all the animal lovers out there, especially all the dog people, so reinvite them into this magical world and give it a new audience. 


Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse


No exaggerating here; I have not been able stop talking about this movie ever since it came out. It is just so darn good. It is, without a doubt, one of the most creative and imaginative movies to ever exist. The people who made this movie managed to take a property that we’ve already seen so much of (there are three live action Spider-Man movie franchises) and make it refreshing and original. Miles Morales is an amazing and relatable protagonist and old man Peter Parker gets a refreshing twist in his character as a jaded and tired mentor. The supporting characters are also fantastic and there is never a dull moment. It’s an action packed adventure full of heart and great life lessons. 


Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection


This technically isn’t a movie, but all the short films combined have a runtime of about an hour and a half. There isn’t a short film within this collection that cannot be described as magical. From “The Little Match Girl” to my personal favorite, “Paperman” these short films are able to enchant even the coldest of hearts. It even has our favorite characters from “Tangled” and “Frozen.” It’s a must watch for any die-hard Disney fan. 




I know that Halloween is over, but it’s never too late to get a little spooky. Follow Norman as he solves an old mystery with help from his ability to see ghosts. This movie is tons of fun and perfect for the whole family. The stop motion animation is great to look at and there is never a dull moment. Perfect for a slightly spooky and hilarious evening. 




This is the perfect movie to get the whole family into the holiday spirit. A lovely twist on the story of Santa Claus, Klaus is full of magic, kindness and charm. It’s kooky animation and sweet story make for the perfect combination of holiday spirit. It’s a great film to bring in the winter festivities and make everyone feel good and wholesome. 


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