After the Finals Comes the Relaxation

Finals week. Stress, Stress, Coffee, Stress and more. But, too many people talk about fall finals week, instead I want to talk about what to look forward to after finals week. Pamper Sunday and Monday and Tuesday, all the following week if you want it to be.

Here is a wintery nightly routine with some of my favorite products to get the pampering and relaxing (FINALLY!) started.

The second you’re home, make your door is locked for the night. The only reason to open that door is to pay the pizza or chinese delivery guy and if there’s a fire in your kitchen (depending on the scale of it though, you can maybe still finish that facemask! Joking...sorta.)

Take off all that waterproof mascara and foundation with a makeup removing oil oil and mix it with your daily cleanser. It will kill two birds with one stone and ensure that your daily cleanser isn’t too drying. My favorite combo is the Clinique“Take the Day off” cleansing oil and the Cetaphil Daily cleanser. Once that makeup is off, grab your favorite warm PJs and start a warm, shower. Make sure to take in a hair mask and exfoliating bar, to ensure your skin feels brand new and so does your hair.

Any hair mask will do, as long as it’s targeting something you may be lacking on, whether it’s shine, strength or moisture. A go to are the Maui Strength and Condition Mask and are easy on the wallet. Some of the best exfoliating bars are the ones infused with natural scents like lavender and cocoa butter, they are more delicate on the skin and leave them smelling wonderful.

After the shower, order a favorite food to be delivered, pizza, chinese or whatever you’re craving. While you’re waiting, start setting up the spot in the house you will continue the evening in. It could be your room, living room or wherever is most comfortable to you. Before you start setting up though, throw on a relaxing and beneficial face mask. Cheap and life changing are some you can actually just pick up at walmart. The Freeman facemasks have something for everyone, my personal favorite is the Anti-Stress mask. It has dead sea minerals that clarifies and renews skin. If you’re feeling extra special, the Tony Moly masks are a very miniscule bit (instead of 1$ they’re 2.78) more expensive, but are much more natural and are sheet masks instead of clay.

Once you put on your choice of mask, light some candles with your favorite scents and pick out a movie or show on Netflix. Some of my girl time favorite shows are “The Carrie Diaries” which is the prequel series to “Sex in the City”, I love it, it’s funny, witty, sexy and it drags you in! A favorite movie on Netflix that I always go back to is Grease. It’s a feel good movie and always relaxes me. By this time, the mask will be done, your skin, hair and body will be feeling fresh and it’s time to dig in and relax!

I hope these tips help you plan out your post finals relaxation night! Don’t worry about tomorrow or next semester. Instead, let this be a gift to yourself for being with finals week!