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3 Things You Should Do Going Back to School

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NMSU chapter.

Summer vacation is officially over, so now it’s time to get back into student mode! I know it’s not what you want, but it’s what you need if you want that degree. Plus, campuses are reopening, and having classes in person is scary due to the circumstances we’re in, but it feels normal despite mask mandates. With that being said, here’s a back to school guide (post-pandemic edition) to help you get out of summer mode and into student mode:

  1. Start and end your day like “that girl”

We all have our own versions of who “that girl” is. Based on the morning and night goals you want to set for yourself, make a list, build that into a routine, and stick with it! Building habits are hard, but it’s all mental and you have to want it. Don’t snooze your alarms, make that cup of coffee, get a good workout in, do whatever you need to do to start your day off right. In addition, starting off your day in a healthy and motivational way sets the tone for the rest of the day! When it comes to the end of the day, get ready for bed and wind down in a way that suits your lifestyle. Don’t try to be a morning person just because of some influencer you follow. If you work late and need to start your day later, do it! Also, make sure you did what you were supposed to for the day!

  1. Manage your time on and off campus

I am that girl who uses her calendar and reminder apps, doodles in agendas, creates to-do lists, and all that good stuff. I highly recommend using whatever you need whether it’s digital or on paper to get things done. As a student, I color code my assignments for classes. As an employee, I have my work schedule on my calendar app. Off-campus and off the clock as myself, I make time to be with family and friends to enjoy their company. However, I also take time off to just enjoy my own company and take a break from everything. It’s okay to take time off if life is overwhelming, but don’t take too much time off because that could affect your bouncing back.

  1. Adjust to college life today

College is something most people look forward to. Whether it’s for the parties, joining a sorority, dorm life, exploring majors, it’s a time where you get to discover yourself more than you’ll ever know. Due to the pandemic affecting the world, currently, only 57% of the nation is vaccinated. The Delta Variant is also affecting the world which is a serious and dangerous matter. Applying this, continue your college life, but with precaution. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so do what you have to do to feel comfortable in today’s reality.

In conclusion, every semester has its obstacles. Based on the circumstances we are in, we can only hope for the best. Don’t forget, start and end your day the way you wish to, get whatever you need to be done out of the way, take time for family, friends, and yourself, and finally, stay safe this semester whether you are or aren’t vaccinated. 

Brianna Ponce is a film major/journalism minor. She's either on set, in a newsroom, or broadcasting college sports. When she's not writing, she's probably watching horror films.