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If you go to Niagara or are a college student in general, chances are you have spent a lot of time procrastinating on your work by binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu (OITNB anyone?) Let’s face it. We all love an escape and what better way than to do that by watching our favorite shows? Especially when we are low on funds and can’t really do anything else.

But at the end of the day we all get tired of Netflix… the constant instability of not knowing when they will pull or bring back an iconic film that resonates so deeply with us, the loading symbol that seems to take forever when we are in a wifi dead zone. The experience can be exhausting sometimes. Luckily NU has the perfect remedy for this. Our very own theatre!! And the even better part is that students get in for free. With amazing plays in the queue and amazing actors and actresses to bring this rich plays to life, we can finally give our Netflix a vacation.

The first play set to start October 16th at 7pm is Called “The Wrestling Season.” This play runs through October 20th and is free for all NU students to attend. The synopsis of the play reads as follows “This powerful, perceptive and poignant play tackles subject matter seldom addressed but vital to youth and their families: The search for identity and the peer pressure that accompanies it. Using only the setting of a wrestling mat as a metaphor for the conflicts, betrayal, and complicated camaraderie experienced by most teens, eight young people struggle with the devastating power of rumors and hoe others see them. An insightful glimpse into the destructive influence of gossip and clique behavior among young people, this exceptional family/school event offers insightful dialogue following each performance.”

This is a play by Laurie Brooks and is Directed by Amanda Lytle Sharpe. So let’s pull out some purple eagle pride and show our theatre department some love for all of their hard work and dedication to the roles that they play. 

Stevie is a double major in International Studies/Political Science and a double minor in Women Studies/Middle Eastern Islamic Studies. She is the Co-Editor of Her Campus Niagara, an Intern for Congressman Brian Higgins, and is a proud Sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha. She hopes to join the Peace Corps, and to one day start her own Non-Profit organization that helps survivors of Human Trafficking while spreading awareness about this world wide problem.
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