MSA Ball

Niagara University’s Office of Multicultural Student Affairs has announced that they will be having a Masquerade Ball this March. The office, which was previously known as Office of Multicultural and International Student Affairs, decided to revive their annual ball last spring semester and has a lot of great reviews from students.

“Last year’s ball was a great way for my friends and I to come together, and have fun before the semester was over. It was definitely a night that I will always remember and I can’t wait for this year’s ball.” - Isis Kay

David Blackburn, Director of MSA has given us a hint as to what it is in store for this year’s ball. “You can expect live performances from students, as well as a chance to encounter different cultural experiences.” His hopes for this year’s ball is to bring a variety of students together to create an enjoyable night. So please save the date, March 21st at 5pm for the MSA Masquerade Ball! Tickets will be sold daily until March 14th in The Gallagher Center at a cost of $15 single, $25 for a couple. With free transportation and a night of good food, friends, and dancing, there's no reason not to enjoy the night!