Lecture Time

It’s that time of year again! We have entered the season of lectures. It is safe to say that we students here at NU love to step out of our comfort zone and seek opportunities to hear opposing views while taking the initiative to learn about things that we are not too knowledgeable about. NU prides itself on higher education and intellectualism, which is something that the students share. We here have a thirst for knowledge and learning that can be seen everywhere you go on campus.

With this in mind we are excited to announce our first lecture by Oliver Leaman on Wednesday October 8th at 5pm in the Castellani Art Museum. The lecture poses the question “Are the Prophets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam really the same?” Anyone studying Islam, or minoring in Middle Eastern Islamic Studies will find great value in this lecture. Anyone who is interested in attending a lecture or seeing Castellani is also encouraged to attend this much anticipated lecture.

It is a great opportunity to not only learn something new, but it is also a great way to meet new people and forge new connections while networking with students and professors.