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Back to School Survival Kit!



We can all agree that with the excitment of starting a new semester, there also comes a ton of stress! What classes do you take? Are you on track to graduate on time? Do I take this course or that?! It’s all stressful and we have all been there. Thats why we were so excited about about recieving our Back to School Survival package from HerCampus.  Our lovely sponsers knew that with the mounting course work, demanding scheduals, and midterm week upon us! we all needed a little treat to get us through. Here are just some of the things our sponsers gifted us.


Tanda Zap: Buy one get one 50% off of a Tanda Zap Acne Spot Treatment Device

Nothing screams breakout season like midterm week! So here was a perfect opportunity to fix all of our acne problems.

Chiptole: Buy one get one FREE burrito card

As we all know Chipotle is the way to all of our hearts, and a location is opening up right next to school!

Luna: Mini LUNA bars

If you haven’t had a Luna Bar, then you must stop what you are doing and go get one asap. LLuckily they sell them in the gally mart! Woohoo

Affinitas: Cupcake Panties

We will admit that we never heard of these, and half of us are upset that we did not come up with this ultra cute idea! These cupcake panties are a perfect gift for roommates and friends.

Nast Gal: Special edition pins

Nasty Gal sent us some sassy pins that are almost as sassy as we are! We absolutely adore them and can’t get over their site.

Aeropostale: Areopostal water bottle + $10 off you in-store purchase

This has to be (hands  down) the best treat we recieved from HerCampus sponsers. Who needs a better excuse to shop and destress like a $10 off coupon??

Clue: Free app download

When we saw “Clue” the first thing that came to mind was the board game that we all played at one point or another in our lives, but on further inspection we realized it was a free download for an app that helps ladies track their cycle! Now we have all used apps like these before, but we can honestly say none of them are like Clue.

European Wax Center: $5 off exfoliating gel

Being in college means we are all on the struggle bus of being broke, so anytime a coupon comes our way we embrace it!

Garnier: Blackhead Elminating Scrub and Nourshing Cleansing Oil 

These products were a godsend to us here at HerCampus NU. We are all sceptics when it comes to new products. Do they really work? Will it really get rid of blackheads? The answer is a full blown yes!! So be sure to try it if these are your problem areas.


Stevie is a double major in International Studies/Political Science and a double minor in Women Studies/Middle Eastern Islamic Studies. She is the Co-Editor of Her Campus Niagara, an Intern for Congressman Brian Higgins, and is a proud Sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha. She hopes to join the Peace Corps, and to one day start her own Non-Profit organization that helps survivors of Human Trafficking while spreading awareness about this world wide problem.
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