Warm Inna

Warm In-na is an exemplary chemical engineering PhD student at Newcastle University. Apart from tackling this incredibly difficult career path at just 23, she also vlogs about her time in the UK, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her passion and enthusiasm have started to garner attention on YouTube, with her channel getting almost 20,000 subscribers. She posts about her experiences as a PhD student, her travels and trips abroad and she is very active on her social media, with almost 5,000 followers. This girl works incredibly hard both at university and outside of it, and her passion and attention to her chosen field and the growing vlog and media presence show her as the definition of the modern collegiette!

HCNU: How did you start your YouTube channel?

In-na: To be honest, six years ago my mum realised that I like to watch makeup/hair tutorials on YouTube, so she simply dared me to make one! I accepted her challenge and before I knew how ridiculous it was, the video had already reached 1000 views in a day!

HCNU: Why did you choose YouTube as your platform?

In-na: I chose YouTube because I was familiar with it even before it was famous because I loved the tutorials on there that much. I love how this platform has various kinds of content so nicely ordered all in one place! What I also love about it is that almost everyone uses it in his/her daily life no matter how old or young they are. It really is a global platform.

HCNU: What do you vlog about and what are you passionate about?

In-na: Before this year, my channel focused on my passion for beauty, fashion and lifestyle, as well study and university life at Newcastle University. Since I began studying for my PhD here at the university, I don’t have time to focus that much on beauty and fashion so I decided to film about my time studying for my PhD instead. Surprisingly... my viewers love it! However, I do still make beauty and fashion videos from time to time.

HCNU: How do you engage through YouTube with Newcastle University and its students, as well as with viewers from all over the world?

In-na: Normally I read through the comments below my videos and try my best to find time to reply to them. They sometimes message me privately via my Facebook page about what it’s like to study at Newcastle University or more widely in the UK. Most of their questions are about my student life and how I do everyday things.

HCNU: What are you studying and hoping to work on in the future?

In-na: Currently I am studying towards a PhD in Chemical Engineering. I hope to be a researcher or a lecturer in one of Thai universities and still make my YouTube videos as a part-time job!

HCNU: What are your ambitions?

In-na: My ambitions are pretty simple- I just want to share what I have learnt in my study life with everyone hoping that I can be helpful and bright up someone’s day! I also love sharing my passion for beauty and fashion for my female viewers.