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Fashion Tips in-between Seasons

English weather is sort of like reaching into a bag of pic-n-mix blindfolded. First, you might pull out a sweet strawberry jelly. You’re pleasantly surprised, it’s chewy and tasty. You reach in for another and find yourself pulling out a sugar-free cough drop. You’re confused, you thought this was the beginning of something good. You reach in again and pull out another strawberry jelly, was the second time just a hoax? Many people feel the same confusion towards the English weather. Although we are now well into Spring, England has a funny way of surprising us with a blast of cold air and a rain shower one day followed by a bout of hot sun the next. So, how do we begin to dress for Spring while holding onto our warm Winter getup for those not so Spring-like days? We need a few staple items…

Leggings and tights

After being stuck in the same pairs of jeans over Winter, the first rays of the sun will have you wanting to burst out the skirts and crop tops and head down the beach. But don’t forget about our unpredictable English weather. The best way to prepare is to grab a pair of thick leggings or tights to wear under your skirt. Black leggings will go with most bold patterns, floral prints and colours but if you really want to be bold you can try out different coloured tights with your skirts a la Lou from ‘Me Before You’. If the sun decides to come out, simply pop to the nearest toilet, remove your tights and stick them in your handbag. 

Light coats and jackets

Spring still isn’t Summer so going places without a jumper, coat or cardigan is risky. But if the sun is shining you don’t really want to be carrying around your hefty Winter coat. So why not try a light blazer- something floral or pastel? Lighter colours look lovely in the Spring and if you’re not happy with covering up after the long Winter of living in oversized jumpers, try adding a belt to better define your body’s shape.

Ankle Boots

For the weather that calls for neither sandals nor wellies, ankle boots are a perfect blend of comfy yet trendy shoe wear. Wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses. Wear them heeled, flat, open-toed. Ankle boots are the perfect way to top off that new Springtime look whilst staying warm enough to enjoy whatever weather is thrown at you.


Aside from your staple transition items, remember to still embrace the Spring with accessories and floral headwear. When you’re buried four feet under knitwear in Winter accessories can seem tedious and unnecessary so don’t forget to jump on the chance of some floral headbands and sparkly earrings. And just remember, Summer will be here soon, so don’t give up hope!

Helen is currently at Newcastle University studying for a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. As well as writing for Her Campus she regularly composes pieces in the lifestyle and beauty section of the University newspaper The Courier. In addition to being a stationery addict, dog enthusiast and Netflix binge-watcher, Helen is also an aspiring teacher and novelist. She also maintains a personal blog at helensheadset.wordpress.com featuring blogs on tourism, literature, lifestyle and more.
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