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5 Cheap Travel Destinations For When Exams Are Over!

Exams are soon going to be over and there is no better way to celebrate than by getting away for a while, but we have just finished uni so money is still going to be tight. I am going to share with you five of the cheapest destinations for this time of year. The best place to search for cheap flights and getaways is www.skyscanner.com, it finds the cheapest flights to wherever you want to go and also has a ‘search anywhere’ option where it will literally bring up the cheapest place for the time you want to go. Holidaypirates is also a great website for package getaways, they are super cheap and they offer some cool exotic places too. 

1. Germany

Flights to Germany are so cheap at the moment, starting from just £13 each way. Germany, although not too far away, features some incredible cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cologne. Even taking trains or hiring a car around Germany is so worth it, as each city offers something completely different, such as beaches, lakes, mountains and much more. Germany is of course, great for history lovers, as it has many sites relating to WWII. Berlin is a favourite for many, must-see sites include the Brandenberg Gate and The Berlin Wall. 

2. Morocco

Flights to Morocco are also so cheap at this time of year, and it is an excellent time to get away from the English ‘summer’ and experience some real heat. Flights are just £140 return, so more than a European destination, however, the accommodation is next to nothing. Five-star hostels (including breakfast) start at just £3.50 a night (on booking.com) and hotels are around £30 a night. Excursions into the Sahara Desert are also extremely affordable (about £80 for two or three nights in the desert) and are so worth it to see other people’s way of living as they include camel rides and overnight stays in the desert. Marrakesh and Agadir are two of the most famous places, Marrakech for its bustling bazaars and Agadir for its stunning beaches.

3. Portugal

Flights to Portugal are as little as £100 return, and the countless number of package holidays including all inclusive means Portugal can be extremely cheap once you get there as well. Portugal is famous for its beautiful beaches and famous ancient architecture in its cities. Its vibrant blue seas and hot weather will make you feel like you are much further afield, without having to break the bank and travel to the destinations such as Australia. Hostels can be found for as little as £20 a night, and hotels are not that much more at around £40 a night for the cheapest price. 

4. Thailand 

Thailand is definitely a favourite amongst travellers, largely so because it is so cheap once you arrive. Flights can also be found fairly cheap (around £150 each way). What you spend on the flight though, you will definitely make up for when you get there, the food is so cheap and hostels range from £3 upwards, so you really can stay on a budget. The country is filled with gorgeous beaches and busy cities so it is impossible to stay for a short amount of time! Bangkok, the countries capital is known for its busy street life. There are so many attractions, such as the grand palace and its famous temples. For a complete change of scene, The Phi Phi Islands are famous for their stunning scenery. It is best to make the most out of Thailand and travel around the country as there is so much to see and do, and it won’t cost you too much whilst you’re there either. 

5. Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital is also a favourite amongst travellers, people cannot resist its quirky coloured houses along the canals. It is a city not like any other and flights are as little as £12 one way (based on flying out and returning in June) it is almost impossible to resist. Copenhagen is also famous for its grand palaces and decadent gardens (such as Tivolo Gardens), all of which are within walking distance from the city centre. 


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