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This Woman is Empowering Working Moms Everywhere and Honestly, it’s so Inspiring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

It isn’t news that women are superheroes in disguise. There isn’t a challenge we aren’t up for, an obstacle we won’t overcome, or a goal we won’t accomplish. When we dream, we dream big, and when we set our minds to anything, we conquer.

When it comes to motherhood, however, working women are oftentimes made to feel guilty for not being at home with their children. This is a struggle that Crystal Black Davis, Vice President of Marketing for global confections brand Loacker, knows all too well. But instead of letting things be as they are, Crystal took matters into her own hands to overturn this ‘working-mom guilt’ and transform it into empowerment. Thus, her Powermom Movement was born.

So what’s a PowerMom you might ask? Well, she’s a hard-working, motivated, inspiring strong woman. Simply put, every mom is secretly a PowerMom! The PowerMom Movement offers a platform and sense of community to all working mothers. Through this platform, PowerMoms can share their testimonies of triumph, determination, and inspiration with others. It’s is ultimately a welcoming space for dialogue, networking, and action.  

Every year, Crystal also hosts PowerMom Day, a summit for these inspirational women to come together to network with other PowerMoms, listen to empowering panel discussions, sit in on workshops, and share their stories in-person over the event lunch. They even get sweet swag bags to commemorate the event and supercharge their PowerMom meter!

PowerMoms come in many forms. Whether an entrepreneur, author, coach, or any type of professional woman, a PowerMom is always empowered.

You go, PowerMoms!

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Rama Majzoub

New School

Rama is Editor in Chief and Campus Correspondent at The New School. She is on track to graduate with a master's in psychology in spring of 2018.