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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

Today, Monday, April 8, a solar eclipse is set to occur around 2:10 p.m. in New York City. The solar eclipse’s totality will happen an hour later, around 3:35 p.m. If you’re not sure where you can see the eclipse or what to do during an eclipse, I’ve got you covered.

what is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs almost every six months when the moon covers part of the sun or the entire star. NASA predicts this year’s eclipse will block the sun in parts of Maine all the way to Dallas. New York is one of the few lucky states set to be on the eclipse path with Bufflafo in the path’s center. Since we students do not have the funds or capability to travel upstate on a school day just for a solar eclipse, we are forced to stay in the city. Fret not, fellow students, as there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the eclipse right here in the Big Apple.

How to prepare

Before heading outside to look up at the sun (please do not do this), be sure to pick up some protective eyewear. As outlined in a recent email from the Vice Provost of Student Success at The New School, students can pick up some free “ISO-certified solar glasses” from any of the three New York Public Libraries, Moynihan Train Hall, Warby Parker, New York State Welcome Centers, Thruway Rest Stops, and more. For more information on how to stay safe during the astrological event, head here. Oh, and don’t forget to put on your sunscreen!

where to go

Now that you know how to prepare, all that is left is finding where to go. For those of us who will be on campus at the time of the eclipse, I suggest heading to Union Square, Washington Square Park, or the Lang Courtyard. Since I’ll be on campus, catch me in the Lang Courtyard later this afternoon, awkwardly staring at the sky in some rad new shades. For those who will not be on campus but are still in the city, consider heading to the American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Coney Island, the Empire State Building, or any park really.

Hopefully, this eclipse won’t be a total eclipse of the heart (haha, get it).

Gabriella is a Junior studying Culture and Media at The New School's Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts. When she's not writing or doing schoolwork, she enjoys watching movies, drinking way too much coffee, and exploring the city!