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Time to Move Out: Top Moving Companies for Kerrey Hall Residents.

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

Are you a resident of The New School’s Kerrey Hall? Do you know all residents need to move out by May 16, 2024? Moving out, especially in college, can be intimidating. But there’s no need to worry because I’ve collected a thorough list of moving companies rated by students like you to help ease the transfer from the dorm to your new home.

1. Dorm Room Movers: 5/5

Dorm Room Movers leads the pack, and it’s no surprise why. This company has garnered rave reviews for its seamless services. Upon paying a $45 deposit, you’ll receive free boxes, and if you opt for pickup on May 15th or 16th and drop-off on August 23rd, the services will be free. Their efficiency and reliability have earned them top marks from satisfied customers.

2. Public Storage: 4.9/5

Public Storage takes second place with an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5. Offering a range of storage options including personal, business, climate-controlled, and even vehicle storage, this company stands out for its affordability and excellent customer service. With the first month’s rent at just $1 and subsequent discounts, it’s a cost-effective solution for those needing storage space during the transition period.

3. Moishe’s Self Storage: 4.1/5

Moishe’s Self Storage secures the third spot, boasting a rating of 4.1 out of 5. This company goes above and beyond by not only providing storage facilities but also offering packing, carrying, and delivery services. With discounts on select unit sizes for the initial months, Moishe’s caters to a wide range of storage needs. Customers commend their reliability and long-term storage options.

4. Clutter: 3/5

Rounding up the list is Clutter, scoring a respectable but lower 3 out of 5. While they offer free pickups for commitments to 4 or 8-month storage terms, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with their services. Despite providing features like temperature control and online inventory, reports of damaged items upon delivery have surfaced, indicating room for improvement in their handling processes.

As the move-out deadline approaches, choosing the right moving company can significantly alleviate the stress associated with the process. Whether you prioritize affordability, convenience, or reliability, these companies offer solutions tailored to your needs. So, bid farewell to Kerrey Hall with confidence knowing that these moving companies have your back.

Maria Tineo

New School '27

NYU x Rolling Stone - Modern Journalism Certified The New School - Journalism + Design Program