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You’re almost there – I promise. As far away as that finish line may seem, finals will soon enough be over. Once that miraculous event finally occurs, it’s extremely important to take advantage of the break ahead of you.

In order to ease your transition from finals-mode into holiday-mode, we’ve decided to give our fabulous readers a few goodies through our Instagram “#HCSurvivalkits Giveaway” to help you forget that projects and exams were ever a thing that existed. Even if you don’t end up being the lucky winner, remember that you can use this list as inspiration for your holiday shopping list, wish list, or self-pamper list – because we all know you’ve earned it.

Fresh Skin

Taking care of your skin is SO important, especially after having spent the past semester living in NYC, a place where air pollution is bound to have gotten the better of your pores. Give your skin a break with the 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask, which I can personally attest to having done wonders for my skin. After one mask alone I noticed an immediate improvement, which seems like a miracle after the amount of late nights I spent working without remembering to remove my makeup. To top it off, while you’re waiting for your face mask to settle, go ahead and give your legs a little lovin’ by using Pure Silk Raspberry Mist shaving gel, leaving your skin fresh from head to toe (literally).

Fresh Face

New year, new me? How about: new year, new makeup. We’re all guilty of having owned the same tube of mascara for an unhealthy number of months, so just take this coming transition period to go on a much-needed trip to the Walgreens beauty aisle. Our holiday giveaway includes the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Original Mascara, Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Color, Natural Bronzer, and Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner, all of which will be essential for your New Year’s eve glam. My personal favorite so far has been the mascara, which left me with so much volume you almost couldn’t see the under eye circles I’ve been developing since the semester began.

Fresh Soul

While all the external refreshing is such a well-earned treat, remember that your internal health and well-being should never be neglected. Snuggle in your own bed during this break with a fresh cup of Yogi tea, a great book (which you could snag at a discount thanks to our friends over at Book of the Month), and simply be. It’s easy to forget about peace and quiet when you go to school in Manhattan, but take this time off as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself so that you can start the spring semester at the top of your game.

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