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Pop Sensations almost monday on their Rise to Stardom, Upcoming EP, and New Era

From playing in garages to festival stages, the emerging indie-pop band almost monday is the band taking off (and they’ll be your new favorite artists, trust me). Comprised of members Dawson Daugherty, Luke Fabry, and Cole Clisby, this powerhouse band has created incredible mood-boosting tunes. When asked to describe their sound, the band stated that they were heavily influenced by their hometown, especially as there are few bands that originate from San Diego, and that they make music that is “happy-going,” “laid-back,” and for “chill people.” From the catchy “happy vibes” ‘parking lot view’ to funk-influenced ‘broken people’, the band’s range is astounding and the perfect music for a windows-down ocean side drive.

records on record player
Photo by Mink Mingle from Unsplash

To describe their new era and EP, you can expect a lot to come for these three. Based on the idea of “living forever” and “not taking things for granted”, new music will also feature new visuals and “new everything,” so now the’s time to hop on the bandwagon (hint: the latest song they’ve written is their favorite thus far!). Influenced by the artists they admire and grew up listening to, such as U2 and The Beatles, their songs have hints of rock and funk that make them unforgettable and distinguishable. They’re excited to grow as a band and get back to traveling to shows and meeting fans from other countries post-pandemic, and I can’t wait to see them at future shows.

person making a heart with their hands at a concert
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX from Unsplash

To performers and music lovers alike, the band had imparted with a piece of wisdom: “You’re a mirror for people, they’ll reflect your energy.” With that, keep this good vibes band on your radar for they are ones not to miss.

Courtesy of Mark Adriane / Unsplash

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