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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

Hello all, I’m back (though you probably didn’t notice I was gone), and as per my experience being a night owl I want to share some of my favorite 24 hour spots that I’ve discovered so far! New York at times is a city that never sleeps, and usually when I’m up at odd hours of the night I always find myself craving company or some good ol’ sweets to ease my anxiety. It’s also about to be finals week, so if you need a good walk and some wholesome experiences to ease your tension, I recommend these 5 spots.

5. Wawa

Literally all over NJ and PA

For all you non-East Coasters Wawa is literally heaven to anyone who grew up in New Jersey. I know none of you are crazy enough to go to Wawa or NJ in the middle of the night but I couldn’t resist adding this one in! After all who can resist 1 dollar coffee, Cheesecake flavored shakes, Hoagies and good ol’ NJ hospitality? (If you say just go to Seven Eleven literally fight me).

                                                                          Image Credit To Wawa Inc.                                                                          


4. Diners!!!


Diners are your best friend when it comes to craving your 2 am fix, whatever that may be. I particularly like Joe Jr’s on 3rd Ave because of the wholesome dining experience it brings (Although it is only open late unfortunately). Most diners also offer great breakfast food and cheap coffee! (Finals week, you’ll need it). IHOP is pretty cool too, but you may not want to give into a capitalist agenda, your choice.

                                                                            Image Credit To Thrillist.com


3. Ray’s Candy Store

   St Marks and Ave A

Did you say unhealthy fried carnival food slathered in oil and sugar? Ray’s Candy Store is just the place! Who doesn’t want fried oreos at 2 in the morning, or their large variety of dip cones? (I highly recommend the Nutella Shake!) Also you get a strange ambience of Tompkins Square Park at night, truly the city never sleeps. They also deliver through Uber Eats!

                                                                            Image Credit to No Garlic No Onions


2. The Donut Pub

   W 14th and 7th Ave

This place probably invented what the donut should be. My experience on what a donut should taste like was completely changed by this place. This one calls to me at night with her majestically sweet voice. 10/10 highly recommend, whether you’re an early bird or night owl or are just wandering in the afternoon! Another one is opening on Astor Place soon!

                                                                            Image Credit To Trip Advisor.com


1. Punjabi Deli

   East 1st Street Next to Ave A

I LOVE this place, it’s definitely my go to! If you’re a chai enthusiast, this little Deli on 1st will blow your mind on how welcoming chai can feel. Each cup is truly an experience, and it feels like home! (I have been here so many times that they remember my order.) Plus it’s only $1.50 which as a college student is a big plus!

                                                                            Image Credit to Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York


Happy Finals Week Everyone, take care of yourselves!

Pramila Baisya (commonly known as Prim to her friends) is a third year writing student at Lang, trying to figure her life out. She enjoys poetry, photography, films, and comedy to an unhealthy degree and hopes to end up as an answer on the which famous NewSchooler are you quiz. Go Narwhals!
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