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April has been an incredible month for pop music, and I'm so excited to see a mix of follow-up singles for albums releasing in May, like Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR and Ashe's Ashlyn, alongside debut albums from artists like girl in red and Julia Michaels. Each track on this list is so different, from summer jams to softer, quieter moments, there should be something for whatever you're looking for at the moment. 

Deja Vu

Olivia Rodrigo’s second single proves that she’s no one-hit-wonder. On the heels of "drivers license" success, Olivia dropped a brand new single, “deja vu” and announced her debut album, SOUR, this month. “Deja vu” is light, breezy, and essential for soundtracking any summer road trip. The lyrics tell the story of a break-up past sadness and even bitterness as Olivia watches her ex's new relationship and realizes he’s reliving everything he did with her. The music video takes the song’s meaning in a different direction as Olivia admires a girl from a distance as they slowly become one another. 

“Strawberry ice cream in Malibu”/“I bet that she knows Billy Joel/Cause you played her “Uptown Girl””

I’m Fine

Ashe continues her string of relatable stories on the heels of the hyper-successful, hyper-honest hit, “Moral of the Story”. In anticipation of her debut album, Ashlyn, she released a brand new song about not admitting when you need help but finding someone who knows just when it’s time to step in. The quirky production and down to earth lyrics strike a truly unique chord in today’s pop landscape. You can always count on Ashe to stay authentic to her brand and incorporate her eclectic taste in everything she does. 

“Woke up too early, almost put salt in my coffee/Oh thank God that you stopped me before that”

Dover Beach 

I recently discovered Baby Queen after hearing her featured on a podcast. On her Instagram, she’d posted an acoustic version of one of her newer songs, “These Drugs”. I was immediately drawn in by the brutal honesty of her lyrics and carefully crafted imagery. This month, she dropped a new single “Dover Beach” that is the perfect summer hit. Like a sunny day at the beach, the boisterous harmonies and synth filled production is an instant boost of serotonin. Also, this song expertly packs together sad lyrics about missing your ex with bright, glittery production. 

“Your mirage is like a stalker/I should push him off a cliff/Cause she’s coloring my insides ocean blue”

That’s The Kind of Woman

Julia Michaels released her debut album Not In Chronological Order last night, and while I wasn’t a huge fan of the entire album, the last track is an absolute standout. Accompanied only by simple, finger plucked guitar, Julia sings about all these traits she wishes she had- and maybe some that she had when she was younger and less influenced by the world. She admits “that’s the kind of woman I’d leave me for” at the end of a list of traits. The song is about re-finding your old self and self love that maybe is still slightly conditional but more realistic none the less.

“Isn’t always on defense, sits up straight, knows how to take a compliment/Jealous but the right amount, isn’t scared of missing out/Missing out’s scared of missing her”

Apartment 402

Girl in Red also released her debut album if I could make it go quiet last night, and this track in the middle of the album stood out to me. It’s one of the quietest moments, and it’s soft and self-reflective. She sings about reframing her apartment from somewhere she resented to somewhere safe and finding hope in a place you once thought was desolate. 

“There’s a dissonance in all that I do/Yeah nothing feels right or true”

Lauren Brice

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