Love Through Nine Lives

As I laid in bed dreaming of Curly Boy (a pre-school crush I’d gift heart-shaped pb&js to every recess), I was immediately struck by this sense of horror there was something hiding under my bed. As I quivered and shook in fear--I wrapped my body up in the covers as if whatever thing was there wouldn’t be able to get a hold of me. I began to think, maybe it’s the sandman collecting his nightly eye-dust until I heard this growl--a soft roar coming from below my toes: "grrramaaaaamaaaaa." I saw two sets of piercing blue eyes peek out from under the covers and before I could yell out, “ABUELITA,” Louis & Lulu had already sunk their claws into my little piggies. 

The adventures of the mischievous Siamese rescues, Louis & Lulu didn’t stop there. I’d come home to them doing trapeze acts on our carpeted stairs--flying from one step to the next as Minnie & Daisy (our Dachshund and Yorkie) watched--enjoying the chaos, Lulu trying to open up the birdcage while Louis’s paw was wrapped around little Jacque Pierre (our Cockatiel), riding the chandelier as if it were a mechanical bull, dangling from our 20-foot tall drapes by one paw, and dragging out half-frozen tri-tip from the sink all the way into the backyard. They were VERY naughty cats but we loved them as they were. 

Growing up with an abundance of animals: cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, chickens, roosters, ducks, horses, bulls, and goats, I’ve always felt extremely close to animals and thought how boring my life would be without them. Our pets make us more human, more loving, and less selfish. They give us something to look forward to every morning when feeding them and every night when cuddling up with them (yes, I would cuddle my childhood duck Lily--we would watch Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends together every morning before school). 

The world could be particularly sour to us one day but once we wiggle those keys and shuffle our way through the front door, there they are to greet us with their unconditional love and affection. Because no matter what we do, where we are, and who we are--our furry companions will always be there to lift us up.

Now as I enter adulthood, my senior pets are moving into their final stages of life and it’s been heavy to see some of them cross the Rainbow Bridge. Having lost Lulu last December while I was away at college, it was extremely difficult for me to believe she wouldn’t be sunbathing below the drapes once I flew back home. The loss of our little Tasmanian lady was very painful for all of us and left Louis heartbroken. Being without his best gal-pal, Louis passed this Christmas Eve.

As I said goodbye to Louis this past holiday season, I felt a pain like none other--a sense of loss and emptiness overcame my soul as I felt his pulse become null and watched my handsome Blue Eyes drift away into his last slumber. Always having the same goofy face around staring, gazing, and squinting at me I had never imagined life without him. I’ve lost people I loved before but I have never witnessed a life leave its body. 

Louis’ passing made me realize it’s our obligation as human beings to provide our pets the best lives possible with us and their fellow fluffies; to never look at them as our possessions but to truly see them, hear them, and treat them as equals. 

Our pets don’t live for us, we live for them.


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