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Letter From The Editors


Change is inevitable. It’s a New Year, New Semester but maybe not a completely new you. Welcome back, Narwhals! We all collectively made it through 2020, and that is no small feat. Last year was unexpected, to say the least, and the fact we’re still in school should be something we all deserve credit for. Nonetheless, as your editors, we are excited to welcome you back to our page for your viewing pleasure and to upload new content! For now, meet your editors! 


Pramila Baisya, colloquially known as Prim among this audience and America in general, is certain to wow you with her insatiable love of film once again. She’s excited to keep you up to date on worldwide news, encourage collaboration, and overall nerd out about film because she never goes out anyway. Prim is a Literary Studies major with a Writing concentration, graduating in Fall 2021. She’s excited to channel her inner Miranda Priestly while being an editor this year. 


Claudia Langella is excited to join this team of editors, but will still bring you food, wellness, and productivity content while juggling HCTNS and her studies at Lang. Like Prim, she is a Literary Studies student concentrating in writing, with a Culture & Media minor and interest in Food Studies. Although this semester is less unprecedented given all of us already have a good amount of virtual learning under our belts, Claudia is ready to have some fun while working hard.


Ananya Shrivastava is a wannabe economist and an international student from India. She also serves as the Director of Finance in the University Student Senate as well as the administrator of a collective called 'Accessible Economics.' Ananya likes to write about everything she knows enough to have an opinion about, from food to technology to dismantling oppressive systems. When she's not working, she's busy recounting the horrors of that one time she spilled bubble tea on the subway and inhaling halal food like it's the end of the world.


We look forward to a wonderful semester and a wonderful year! 


Your editors. 


If you're interested HCTNS, please e-mail us at hc.newschool@hercampus.com
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