The Jonas Brothers Are Taking Advantage of Our Nostalgia (And I'm Okay With It)

Like, I assume, almost every other girl ages 15 to, say, 26, I lost my shit when I found out about the Jonas Brothers comeback. When my Instagram stories were flooded with reposted pictures of their new album cover, it felt like a holiday. I immediately called my sisters and my childhood best friend, with whom I shared the fondest memories of the Jonas Brothers, to celebrate. I spent the hours leading up to the single release listening to songs that I used to ball out to as a kid, like S.O.S. and Hold On. And then, on March 1st at 12:00 AM on the dot, me and my friends gathered around the computer to listen to the Jonas Brothers’ Official Comeback™ single, Sucker.

Sucker is actually pretty good. Between Nick’s falsetto, the catchy beat, and the harmonies in the pre-chorus, it’s nothing short of what I’d expect from my beloved boy band. The music video features tea parties, women in lavish dresses (all of whom are either engaged to/married to a Jonas brother!!), and puppies. It’s all very lighthearted and fun, and it’s clear that the Jonas Brothers are trying to rebrand themselves in a way that allows them to release music for a more mature audience while still maintaining most of their boyish charm.

The thing is, though, as a queer girl with little to no interest in boys, I can’t help but question if I would really be an adamant Jonas Brothers fan if it weren’t for the younger, closeted version of myself that used to be obsessed with them. Truthfully, if I didn’t associate the Jonas Brothers with simpler, happier times, I doubt I’d really care about them at all. And I feel like I can’t be the only one thinking this.

When I listen to, see videos of, or even think about the Jonas Brothers, I’m transported to a different time in my life. They remind me of listening to Radio Disney during drives to school every morning, begging my parents to let me stay up just a little later to watch more of the Disney Channel Games, and when I got all dressed up to go see the Camp Rock cast in concert (I consider this to be the peak of my childhood, and maybe even of my whole life, depending on whether or not things go uphill from here). But now, as a college student, when I’m stressed, lonely, and honestly just sad, those memories are important. Sometimes, hanging onto nostalgia is the only thing that keeps me going. But with a comeback such as this one, it feels like my nostalgia gets to live on. Instead of just existing in memories, it gets to come back to life.

I think the Jonas Brothers know what they’re doing - and honestly, good for them. I’m sure they’re going to make bank off of this comeback. But part of me feels like I need to stop relying on memories of the past to cling on to happiness, and try to find aspects of my current life that do the same thing.

But to be clear, I’m still 100% onboard with this comeback. Will I listen to each single as it comes out? Definitely. Will I blast the album in the car this summer when I drive around with my sisters? Absolutely. And maybe it’s my own self aware tendency to ruin everything for myself, but I still won’t be able to shake the fact that the only reason the Jonas Brothers make me so happy is that they provide comfort and distraction from the plagues of growing old. Regardless, Sucker is a bop and I can’t wait to see what new music they come out with!